Jillian Michaels’ Unlimited: A Loving—and Life-Changing—Smackdown

jillian-michaels-unlimitedSometimes I just want to bow down to Jillian Michaels’ greatness. Reading her most recent book, Unlimited: How to Build an Exceptional Life, was one of those times where I wanted to pull an “I’m not worthy!” that would make Wayne and Garth proud. (And not just because the week before I read the book, Jillian named FBG as one of her top three favorite blogs. WE DIE!) This book is really good, guys. Like life-changing good. Which is its point.

Two-hundred-and-forty-four pages of Jillian Michaels giving you the loving smackdown, this book lays out a plan for you to do whatever it is you want to do: lose weight, get a new job, find the love of your life…in a nutshell, be your best and happiest self. While the hippity-dippity lover in me rejoiced at the advice in this book (including plenty of mental tips and tricks for busting through emotional blocks, dealing with your past and replacing negative self-talk with positive thoughts), if you’re someone who isn’t into the foo-foo feel-good stuff, then this is your book. It’s totally in Jillian’s tone and with her personality. So, there’s no BS, no beating around the bush, no flowery language. She even drops an F-bomb or two (which I totally loved). You also get insider stories about Jillian’s emotional struggles with weight gain and self-defeating behavior (truly fascinating, and she’s so darn honest and open), along with a few behind-the-scene bits from Jillian’s time on The Biggest Loser and Losing It.

The best part of this book though isn’t the tone or the voice or even the inside scoop on what makes Jillian tick. It’s the page after page of ah-ha moments I guarantee you’ll have. From better understanding yourself to redefining past and current relationships and issues in your life to taking the steps necessary to stop holding yourself back (you are in charge of yourself and your destiny after all, Jillian says), Unlimited pretty much helps you take any goal you have, grab it by the proverbial horns and do the dang thing. While fitness and health isn’t overtly discussed and there are no workout plans or nutrition advice given, this book is a must-read for anyone with a fitness or weight-loss goal.

If you’ve ever wondered how Jillian gets the results she does on The Biggest Loser, this is how. While the tough workouts and improved nutrition add up to weight loss, it’s the mental work that really makes a difference in changing a person. And Unlimited shows you how to do just that. —Jenn


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  1. I just discovered FBG, and I LOVE it! Great tone, great writing, and this is coming from a journalist 🙂 Keep it up, gals! You have a new fan!