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Wow. You guys’ bedtime rituals were awesome. So awesome that narrowing it down to our five favorite was tough, tough and more tough. But after much discussion, deliberation and thought, we chose five bedtime rituals that just had a little extra sauce to them. (Note that in order to be considered, bedtime rituals and the Sleep Pledge had to be posted on the original giveaway post and readers had to check in on how things were going on a second post.)

We’d like to give a big congrats to the following readers for taking the Tempur-Pedic and FBG Sleep Pledge and creating their own fabulously individualized and creative bedtime rituals! Read on for their bedtime rituals and vote for your fave!

tempur-pedic5 Tempur-Pedic Bed Giveaway Finalists

1. Jillian: I pledge to begin my own bedtime ritual after making sure my child is all snuggled up and in la-la land for the night. My ritual will involve a 20-30 minute mad dash around the house picking up any clutter or mess so that I will not think about it in the middle of the night. This shall be followed by dimming the lights and enjoying a cup of hot decaf tea with a side of me-time in the shape of a book until I have finished said tea. Then I pledge to brush my lil teethers and head off to bed!

2. Andrea: I am taking this pledge, mostly because I am pretty much a sleep crusader. I work on a college campus and you would not BELIEVE the sleep problems these “kids” have!! I find myself educating about sleep, badgering, bribing and cajoling about sleep hygiene constantly and for the converts who’ve listened, it has made all the difference.

Here’s my bedtime routine: Warm shower, use lamp instead of overhead light, instrumental music, cup of sleepytime tea and a good book. I’m pretty good about a schedule, but I’ve been slacking on the routine. Not all that creative I guess, but here’s my twist: my daughter has a chronic illness that would be so helped by good sleep but she is just a hot mess when it comes to sleep hygiene! I’m hoping to win this bed for her as an incentive to do better. The ergo system would be a total boon since with her Cystic Fibrosis—she coughs a lot and a raised torso helps alleviate that. Here goes!

3. Alexis: I pledge to get a full eight hours of sleep every night. My bedtime ritual is to shower, brush teeth, get completely ready for bed, and then to sit on the porch and enjoy the nice weather and the sound of the crickets and frogs while I reflect on my day.

4. Jean: So, for the routine I pledge to follow this week, I thought it’d be fun to use the words of the great Snoop Dogg (written in the present and past tenses for rhyming purposes):

So listen close, to what I say
Because this type of stuff happens every-day
I start to wind down around 9 o’clock in the evenin’
I give myself a stretch out, an evenin’ tea and
Go to the bathroom to wash up
I throw some soap on my face and put my hands up on a cup
and say “Mirror, mirror, on, the wall
Who is the Fittest Bottom of them all?”
There was a rubble dubble, five minutes it lasted
The mirror said, “You are, and you run the fastest”
Well that’s true, now I got my daily affirmation
So I slip off my dress and Victoria’s Secret creations
I’m true to the style on my behalf
I put some bubbles in the tub so I can take a bubble bath
Use coconut oil, cuz my skin gets dry and pale
And then I get the file, for my fingernails
Clean, dry, is my body and hair
I throw on my brand new pajama-wear
Slip into bed with my husband and doggy
Deep breathe and meditate so my mind’s not foggy

5. Annie:  To create my bedtime ritual, I’ve decided to take a somewhat unconventional approach. You know how a lot people like to wind down by lighting candles, putting on a little smooth jazz and maybe (if you’re partnered up) breaking out the massage oils? Yeah, well, for me…not so much. I’d be more inclined to worry about fire hazards and sticky bedsheets than actually relaxing. Thus, my bedtime ritual is going to be awesome, soothing, and totally unsexy.

First, I’m going to put on my rattiest, most comfortable cotton t-shirt and shorts — and maybe even some big furry socks. Second, I’m going to put on my favorite soothing sounds: old CDs of 1990s boys bands. That’s right—boy bands, and I’m not ashamed to admit it! Quite frankly, there is nothing more calming than listening to the dulcet tones of a good Backstreet Boys ballad. Third, I’m going to engage in some visualization techniques. For instance, I might visualize someone sweetly serenading me to sleep. Maybe even a group of people—maybe even all singing in harmony. Maybe singing sweet love songs, just for me. Maybe helping my mind drift back to a time long ago, when I was just a teenage girl with braces and bad hair, singing along to “I Want It That Way” and dreaming about fresh-faced young men… Aww yeah. I think I’m on my way to some good sleep and even better dreams. Let’s just hope my husband won’t mind.

Time to Vote for Your Favorite!

Awesome, right? We love them all. But, YOU get to choose who takes home the Tempur-Pedic bed! You have until next Wednesday to vote, so tell your pals, family and co-workers to vote, vote, vote!

Can’t see the poll? Click here to vote on the best bedtime ritual.

The winner will be announced in a post next Friday, so stay tuned. Good luck to all of our finalists! —Jenn

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  1. Seriously?! This is the third time in the last 2 days that the hours my friends and family have spent voting – and I’ve spent stumping for their votes – have been wiped out in a matter of minutes. My suspicions are now confirmed that something VERY fishy is going on with this voting.

  2. LOL. Just came back here after looking last night and now Annie has pulled into the lead with 260 more votes. She must have a lot of supremely dedicated and enthusiastic friends or, perhaps more realistically, quite a quick finger.

  3. I too thought things were fishy a couple of times, like perhaps there was an automatic computer program voting (common with online polls). The votes have really shot up today though! Annie, you must have a lot of friends!! I never thought I’d work so hard for votes…my routine is phrased so silly that I initially didn’t want to advertise too much (people might think I’m weird), but, then I realized it’s fun and have been forwarding it to every acquaintance I have since yesterday! I know it’s turned many of my friends on to the blog!

  4. Thanks Marlene, but I couldn’t vote that many times myself if I tried. My strategy the entire time has been to stagger who I am asking for votes, with the biggest group being sent this morning – and primarily, asking THEM to forward and re-forward. Unsurprisingly, I think people were more inclined to help me out when I expressed frustration at what I perceived to be rather fishy circumstances at times during this process. I, too, have enjoyed touching base with folks I haven’t spoken to in ages, but am totally and completely exhausted!

  5. Wowwww… how the hell can 1,000+ votes come in with 20 mins left in the contest? That’s pretty impressive, Jean.

  6. Must have been all of her punk gansta friends that those snoop’ diddy dog-esque lyrics attracted across the web…

  7. And to think I actually asked our host about REMOVING some of my votes earlier because I was concerned about how they were getting in there! How disappointing.

  8. Unfortunately, something fishy was going on…I was fishing for vote ALL DAY LONG!!

    Posted messages on countless Yahoo boards
    Emailed all my friends and told them to email their friends
    Posted pleads for votes on Craigslist
    Most importantly … I told everyone to wait until 830-900pm PST to vote…

    And now, I need to begin my bedtime routine…albeit a bit late!

  9. Pretty amazing that 1200 people would be so coordinated as to all come on to vote during that exact window! As someone who has been stumping endlessly, I actually find it rather unbelievable that so many friends of friends of friends would wait so patiently to vote all at once (with comparatively negligible votes coming through earlier in the day), then suddenly stop. But hey, what do I know? Obviously not much, I suppose.

  10. I may have offered some of them an incentive…and, yes, people were likely voting multiple times, but that was obviously happening on all sides, and we can’t control what other people do. But I don’t think the comment space is the appropriate forum for venting. Overall, it was a fun competition with no rules and open to the public, so that’s what you get! I had fun creating my routine and, much to my surprise, it is helping me sleep better overall! That’s what we should be commenting about…

  11. A big thanks to all of our finalists in the voting! As just a reminder, the voting site was a third party in this matter and the only way the tally could have been influenced was by actual voting. We’ll announce Jean as the winner later today, so stay tuned for the official post. Hopefully you’re all getting a better night’s rest!

    -FBG Jenn