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The Breast Milk Baby: A Funny, Expensive Way to Pretend


My niece knows the basic mechanics of mammals nursing their young!

Smart as whips, kids often surprise me when it comes to what they know. Take the picture at left. My niece, who wasn’t quite 3 years old at the time, engineered this mammal nursing setup after my baby shower in 2010. Kids are pretenders, and they love to mimic the behavior of those around them. So it’s only natural for toy companies to want to capitalize on little girls’ curiosity when it comes to breastfeeding (because, let’s be honest, it is a weirdly cool and fascinating ability).

Which brings us to the Breast Milk Baby. This—hilarious, in my opinion—doll for little girls allows them to take pretending to breastfeed to new levels. These dolls come with a flowered halter top that activates the doll’s sucking mechanism. When the baby is brought up to the flower, it actually sucks—and then burps when finished eating. While some people are of course freaking out about it, I think it’s a clever way to let girls feel included when their mothers are nursing a younger baby. What I do freak out about? The $89 price tag! When the time comes that my daughter is interested in such a toy, I’ll buy a cheaper doll, tell her to get a little creative and come up with the pretend burps herself!

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Do your kids pretend to nurse their dolls? Would you spend $89 on a doll? —Erin

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