Fly Away With the WingFlyer (With Giveaway!)

WingFlyerWe get to try a lot of seriously cool products around here, and my most recent trial might be one of my faves. It might also be one of the largest review items I’ve ever gotten in the mail.

Scooters are all the rage these days—at least if you judge by the kids in my neighborhood, which is really my only frame of reference. So when WingFlyer offered up its scooter-bike hybrid toy, I was on board. I wanted to be like all the cool kids.

The WingFlyer is available in a few versions. The Z100 supports up to 160 pounds (ages 8 to 12) and runs about $249. The $289 WingFlyer Extreme is designed for rough riders, with a swivel handlebar and a reinforced steel frame for rough landings (cue moms cringing!). The Z150, which I tried, works for kids and kiddos at heart, supporting up to 220 pounds—ages 8 to adult. It comes in at $329.

A little bit of assembly was required—attaching the pedals and the handlebar. It was simple enough, I knew what I had to do, but it took some strength to unscrew the part where you attach the handlebar. I finally gave up and passed it along to my husband who was able to attach it after putting some serious muscle into it. Maybe it was a fluke because it seemed like excessive tightening for apart that had to be undone just to assemble the product.

So how is the ride? Really fun! It takes a bit of practice all around, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a really fun time—not to mention excellent exercise. Your legs get moving, your heart gets pumping, and your whole body and core gets balance training. In fact, I thought finding my balance was the toughest part, but once you get pedaling it’s easy to maintain—much like riding a bike. Once you learn to coordinate the step-action, the steering and the breaks, you’re golden. The product is really solid and well-made. The handlebar height can be adjusted to fit the user, perfect if an 8-year-old is going to be sharing the product with a parent. And trust me, parents will want to kick their kids off to try it themselves.

Are you looking to get your kids outside more? Or just want a scooter for yourself? Comment below to enter to win our WingFlyer giveaway! Just tell us why you want to wingfly! Winners will be chosen randomly in about a week; U.S. residents only, please. —Erin

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