Nutritionally, You Can’t Beat a Beet

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A few weeks ago, I decided to dust off the juicer that has been sitting in the back of my pantry for years. It was one of those things, you know, out of sight out of mind. There are positives and negatives to juicing, but in my head, as long as you don’t look at it as replacing your fruit and vegetable servings, you are able to get much more variety and many more nutrients than most people would otherwise.

Just look at these beautiful healthy beets!

One vegetable that my diet is without is the healthy beet. For most of my life, beets have been one of the few foods that I have had an aversion to. Later in life, I started to occasionally put them on salads, but otherwise they are absent from my meals. Until now.

Since I broke out my juicer, most days I’ll find myself experimenting with various combinations of fruits and vegetables, including healthy beets. While it may sound a little suspect to the uninitiated, beet juice is pretty sweet—and when mixed with the right fruits and vegetables—can be a tasty treat.

The Health Benefits of Beets

Here are some of the health benefits of the beet:

  • Beets are rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and C.
  • Beets are quite high in fiber.
  • According to a 2010 Queen Mary University of London study published in the American Heart Association journal Hypertension, just one glass of beet juice can lower blood pressure in a matter of hours. It may also be a natural solution for preventing future cardiovascular problems. Beets are loaded with natural nitrates, which is believed to be the culprit for the aforementioned blood pressure and cardiovascular benefits.
  • Beets have betanin and vulgaxanthin, both phytonutrients referred to as betalains. They have been shown to have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and detoxification properties.

How to Eat Healthy Beats

So how do you eat this bright-magenta vegetable when not in a smoothie or a salad? The options are rather endless, but you can start by trying:

Do you eat healthy beets? What’s your favorite way to enjoy them?

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  1. My first interaction with beets was while making my daughter’s baby food. I was blown away by the striking hot magenta color. When something like that occurs in nature, why do we need artificial colors??

  2. Love beets roasted, along with potatoes, turnip, butternut squash… great mix (roast beets on separate pan so the other veggies don’t turn that beautiful color) after they are all cooked, place on a platter together… now if you like brussel sprouts, add them near the end to the potatoes and turnips and you have a great mix of veggies to dress your thanksgiving table easily prepared!

  3. I love love LOVE me some beets!
    I love the red ones in my juice (the greens from it, too!)

    And I love the golden ones roasted with just a little sea salt.
    holy yums. I put them in everything!

    I even love the pickled ones.

  4. I love adding beets to my soup–makes it a pretty pink color! I don’t even mind the red hands either! I just dusted off my juicer too (actually, cleaned the cupboard and felt guilty since it was so expensive, so out it comes) and will be adding lovely beets to my juices. Ginger and beets–yum!!

  5. Great reminder to use up that beetroot! I had a jar in my fridge which exploded on Thursday overnight (which I photographed of course! for my blog)… The crock pot recipe is about to be checked out!