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Products That Help Beat Hormone-Induced Breakouts

hormonebreakoutsThere’s one side effect of going off of birth control that I could really do without: breakouts. Seriously, since going off the pill in January, my face has gone from smooth adult to teenager stressed about a midterm. So when we were approached by a couple of brands—iS CLINICAL and Artistry—to try their skin-balancing and face-saving products, I said, “PLEASE, GOD, YES.” (And, no, I wasn’t in the sack when I said so. Although I am there a lot these days. Growl.)

is-clinical-active-serumiS CLINICAL Active Serum

This product is said to be good for three things: anti-aging, acne and hyperpigmentation. We also have it in good faith that a certain recently pregnant celeb (ahem, this one), used it in conjunction with iS CLINICAL’s Cleansing Complex for hormonal issues. So, it had to be good enough for me, right? Yep—and then some.

While the Active Serum is way beyond my usual drug-store beauty price point (it’s $92!), I did see a remarkable improvement in my skin tone. It just really seemed to even it out. While I didn’t get a huge break from my breakouts, I think that had more to do with the fact that my body (FINALLY) started ovulating, and not because of the product. The serum does have a slightly sticky texture if you use too much, so be sure to use it sparingly. (That’s pretty easy to do with its price tag.) Overall though, for the two and a half months I used it, I could really tell a difference. And the Cleansing Complex? A solid everyday gel cleanser (my only complaint is that I wished it lathered up a bit more) that’s more reasonably priced at $26. Okay, that’s still expensive, but compared to the serum, it seems like a steal!

artistry-skin-peelArtistry Intensive Skincare Renewing Peel

FBM Erin already shared a few of her thoughts on some Artistry products, but I got the opportunity to try a few, too! While obviously a lip gloss that lights up with a mirror is BRILLIANT, I wanted to see how their beauty products could deal with zits that are large enough to name.

First up on my list to try? The Artistry Intensive Skincare Renewing Peel (retails for $99—pricey!). Using some kind of cool mushroom enzyme, this product is said to deliver a professional-quality peel at home without the harsh chemicals. I have skin that’s sensitive and starts burning at just the word “peel,” so I was skeptical, but happy to learn that it was gentle enough to make my skin not look like a strawberry or burn like a sunburn yet also left my skin super smooth and exfoliated.

In addition to the peel, I tried Artistry Essentials Balanced Cleanser (a more sane $15.97) and Balancing Toner ($11.50). Because, yeah, my skin obviously needs balance (dry on the cheeks, oily on the T-zone!). While I didn’t feel like the two were anything life-shattering, they do later well, cleanse well and had a pleasant floral scent that was there but not too there.

Have you been plagued by hormonal breakouts, be it because of the pill or pregnancy? How did you deal? Tell us about it! —Jenn

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