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An Ode to French-Press Coffee, Chai Tea and Full-Fat Cream

chi-tea-cream-e1415369817111I hope ya’ll are enjoying all of our blogs because we’re certainly enjoying writing them. Also, I really, really needed a place to share my random thoughts. Like today’s post, which I’ve had the idea to do for months but never quite felt like I could take up a whole post on something that, really, has little (okay, nothing) to do with fitness: tea and coffee!

Over the past few months I have been obsessed with French press coffee and chai tea. With—and this is the really, really tasty part—Trader Joe’s organic half and half. (In case you missed this post, TJ’s is my happy place. And buying dairy from cows that aren’t pumped with hormones makes me feel pretty dang good.) Oh. My. Goodness. It’s heaven.


Sure, I could save a few calories by skipping the half and half, but then I’m pretty sure my life-happiness quotient would go down. And that’s not worth it, is it? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Plus, it’s just so very pretty. Just look at how beautiful it is pouring into a cup…


And then, if that wasn’t enough deliciousness, sometimes I even add honey to my tea. (For coffee, I never add sugar—just my personal preference.) Who doesn’t love the honey bear?


I don’t do this every day. Rather, it’s a weekend treat I savor. There’s nothing like a leisurely Saturday morning where you’re cooking a nice breakfast, relaxing and drinking some French press coffee or tea with the real stuff.  And, for me, this is all what being an FBG is about. It’s eating and savoring the foods (and drinks!) I love.

Are there any “unhealthy” foods you indulge in regularly? Any other full-fat cream lovers out there? French press users? Be heard! —Jenn

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  1. Nicole says:

    Horizon Organic has Vanilla Half and Half now. Heavenly 🙂

  2. Jean says:

    Love me some full fat everything!! But I’m in the camp that doesn’t believe it’s unhealthy…

  3. Cheryl Knott says:

    French Press the only way to go, better then filter, better then those stupid one shot coffee makers that only use corporate coffee. A touch of half and half…lovely.

  4. LaShaune says:

    skinny macchiato cream from International Delight = delicious!!!!! but my fav right now is the pumpkin spice creamer (no added sugar in my coffee needed).

  5. Cat says:

    Coffee – yuck. Chai tea I’m all about though! DELISH

  6. Laura says:

    I love half and half in my coffee and tea. Not a huge amount, but every day. Sometimes frothed. Always organic. Oh yeah, definitely French press!

  7. Dody says:

    I’ve been having this debate with myself over my half and half for weeks. Losing or controlling weight is not about crash dieting, but about altering even small things in your diet that can really add up. I have been debating going to 2% in my coffee, but have not been able to take the leap. It does look beautiful swirling in my cup and there is nothing else that adds that wonderful creamy taste. I’m keeping it!

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