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FitWit: The Plight of Muscled Americans

lunkalarmFact: I love Jon Stewart.

Fact: I also don’t dig the big, sweaty, loud grunting dudes at the gym who slam down their weights.

Fact: This video is hilarious.

Fact: We’re not for sure that it’s a true story—but we don’t think it’s entirely fictional. After all, Planet Fitness is a real gym with a real Lunk Alarm (beware: video is quiet, but he does drop an F-bomb).

Watch it for yourself and see what you think!

Can’t see the video? Click here to watch “The Plight of Muscled Americans.”

While we obviously want everyone to be welcome at the gym, we gotta say, lunk heads sure aren’t fun to work out around! Are there any people at your gym that you’d like to sound the Lunk Alarm on?—Jenn

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  1. Alyssa says:

    Too funny!
    I was cursing the guys at my gym the other night: the weight room is right above the group fitness room, and I while was teaching my Pilates class they kept dropping their weights, over and over and over, lol!

  2. rick f says:

    Oh yes! A guy was grunting, moaning, and slamming his weights down on *every* machine and rep he was doing last week. Leg press, tri pulldown, etc … my trainer and I kept rolling our eyes in disgusted annoyance. I mean the periodic grunty outburst is fine and normal, but not for EVERY single rep.

    I was told back in high school sports to never, eveeer slam down the weights – both as a matter of courtesy and because it might damage the equipment, and I still to this day cringe when people do that.


  3. ++ says:

    @commenters: So, working out is an evil thing? I most people generally try to jump the fence where it’s lowest at the gym, the whole actually working out thing; getting sweaty and out of breath, being somehow offensive to them in general, but going out and then supporting something retarded like this?
    What weights are dropped? There is a handful of exercises where you actually drop the weight, like deadlift, snatch, clean+jerk. But most gyms don’t even allow you to do those exercises or teach people to do deadlifts in a way that’s more damaging than helpful.
    Dropping the weight in a cable pull, or those retarded machines that every gym has that are really only good for rehabilitating, can make a metally clappy noise when you release the weight, but then, you are only ever in a state where you feel like releasing the weight if you’re actually there working out.
    Same with grunting. Some people go for maximum effort. Others go to the gym to keep up appearances. Appearances of going to the gym, being healthy and working out. Probably lying to themselves in the process too.

    And breaking the equipment? It’s a weight. It’s a piece of iron. How would it break? A 44 pound barbell made of steel. It breaks if you drop it? And the machines… ok, they’re made to hold and move around that kind of weight. Generally made from steel. Easy to break? No. They’re not. Do they break? Yes, because they are complex machines with moving parts, and moving parts break. And you shouldn’t use them if you’re not somehow debilitated or recovering from a serious injury.

  4. Geetha says:

    I totally get the idea regarding what is meant by a lunk head– however, I think the title of the piece might be a little misleading.

    I do not think it is the appearance or physical characteristics of an individual that makes him/her unpleasant to be around at the gym. Rather, I think it has more to do with demeanor and respect of a communal setting, physical space, respectful behavior etc. I think this is an important distinction to make!

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