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Oh, how I LOVE me some blogs! When Jenn and Erin told me I’d be doing a weekly blog, I about shook the FBG logo off my happy little pants doing a happy dance. The personal spins, the fly-on-your-window inside scoop…I LOVE IT!  I personally am a blog junkie. I’ve been typing away at a personal blog since I moved out to Los Angeles in 2005. I’ve always loved writing… fitness was an on-and-off relationship though.

Ironically, I was the stubborn FBG-friend (went to school with FBG Jenn) who said I would never be a gym rat because I refused to be body-obsessed like all of the Los Angeles folks I had met before making the big move. Back then, I thought everyone in Los Angeles was anorexic and skinny obsessed. It didn’t take long before Jenn and Erin came a knockin’ with their idea for a fitness blog that would slash all the negative associations I had with working out.

I started out as a guest blogger for the ladies back in 2009 and figured out quickly that sweating for the cause wasn’t such a bad unhealthy thing. In fact, I ran a darn marathon. (Talk about turning a mental 180 degrees!) I’m now obsessed with cardio-weight classes, Spin classes and certain Los Angeles hiking trails. Some day I’ll be bad arse enough to run barefoot along the beach. Soon, my pretties…soon.

In the meantime, expect a somewhat newbie-perspective in my posts. I currently live with my boyfriend who happens to be a trainer and a gym manager. You’d think this would be a match made in heaven, but as you’ll learn in some of my future posts, sometimes love and sweat can make my butt twitch. Be prepared for lots of aha-moments, goofy stories and new La La Land adventures.

I’m an actress in the land of plastic cheeks, suctioned thighs and duck lips…things are gonna get interesting people! —Tish


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  1. Hi Tish,

    Great to hear that you’ll be posting regularly! I’ve tuned in to your posts as they come, and you’ve definitely got some solid, no-nonsense advice for all us of trying to find the balance.

    Personally, I’m excited to hear about your experiences navigating love and the gym. Managing the temptations of a healthy relationship and workout commitments tends to be a challenge for me; afterall, there’s no place I’d rather be on a cozy Saturday morning than kickin’ with my lovah! I’m sure other readers out there face the same challenges. It’s good to see that your boyfriend is “in the biz” tho, so I’d imagine there’s less need to “make excuses” for your healthy habits. Still, as you’ve hinted, it can probably get tricky in any situation, so I’m interested to hear how you’re doing :).

    Also excited to hear about how the social atmosphere of LA potentially impacts your fitness habits. I’m sure we all feel the pressure sometimes, either to give in to that culinary temptation or even to look a certain way; looking forward to reading your advice!