Protect Your Peepers, No Matter How Fast You Run

ProtectPeepersTwo things you should know. First, I have a small head. Like a head so small that most hats don’t fit. Second, I, like FBG Tish, am intimidated by sunglasses that “mean business.” And by “mean business,” I mean “look like you’re a bad-ass fast runner or triathlete superstar” because I, my friends, am not known for my running speed. Despite—and partially because of these two things—I told the new company BTB Sunglasses that I’d try a pair of its 900 series.

So they sent me the pair you see at left. To test them, I put on my fastest-looking running outfit and went out for a short, quick run. Let me say that I really, really like the neutral brown color. No neon or crazy 80s-esque reflection going on in the lens. And light! They are so dang light that you barely feel like you’re wearing any sunglasses at all. The view? Well, just splendid. Unlike some sunglasses that protect your eyeballs (these have complete UVA and UVB protection) while almost distorting reality with the color change of the lenses, these just seemed to brighten the world up and make everything really easy to focus on. Loved that.

fitness-sunglassesAnd not once during my three-mile run did they slide, fall off, fog up or do anything remotely annoying. They stayed up, and, to tell you the truth, I forgot I had them on. This is perhaps the first time something of this nature has happened with me, Ms. Small Head.

Now, did they make me run faster? Well, no. I ran my three miles in the same time I normally do (about a 10:30-minute per mile pace), but I felt faster. And although I was afraid that I would feel like a fast-running poser with th

em on, I didn’t. So, I guess it’s time I get over my own running misconceptions, huh? And at $34.95 for a pair, these are way, way cheaper than most fitness sunglasses on the market. I don’t think I’ll be running on a sunny day without them!

The moral of the story? Slow runners need good eye protection, too! Do you have special sunglasses for your fitness endeavors? Share away! —Jenn

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  1. Julie says:

    I have the opposite problem….a BIG head that most hats don’t fit! And I DO have the 80s reflective sunglasses cuz they were cheap. But if I could pick a pair, these would be it. They look right up my alley! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oooo! I just put those suckers on to my Christmas wish list!

  3. Carol says:

    I like–ie!! These running sunglasses are going to top of my Christmas wish list!

  4. Mike Luque says:

    Those do look like some nice shades. But like Julie, sunglasses usually are too small for my melon. So I like how on their site they list “measurements” by the size of the face. I’m pretty sure I’d be “medium to large”.
    Thanks for reviewing these. I bookmarked their site so I can get more riding glasses!