Getting Fruity: We Try Dole Fruit Bites, Cups, Shakers and Crisps

Fruit is awesome. Fruit is healthy. Therefore, Tish and I wanted to share four fruit-on-the-go options you’re probably seeing on store shelves. We recently learned about these at the Dole Healthy Lifestyle Blogger Summit. Here’s our tasty (and honest—of course!) thoughts on the new Dole Real Fruit Bites, Grapefruit Bowls, Shakers and Crisps!

dole fruit bitesDole Real Fruit Bites

Tish is the Dole Diva of Digging In. And she went just a bit groupie on all things Dole at the summit, including the Dole Real Fruit Bites. She’s not much of a candy girl, but when she does have a hankering for something sweet and delightful, she now reaches for the yogurt-covered Pineapple Chunks. She even puts them in her boyfriend’s lunch bag sometimes. My sweet tooth, on the other hand, prefers something a bit more natural and less sugary. I liked the  Mango Chunks best, as they were slightly less sweet than the Pineapple Chunks, but I also liked the Apple Chunks before a run. (The Pineapple Chunks have a whopping 14 grams of sugar, while Mango and Apple have 11 grams. I can totally taste that difference, too!) 

dole bowlsDole Fruit Bowls in 100 Percent Juice

Is there anything better than a fresh grapefruit? Well, maybe grapefruit that’s already peeled and ready for eating because that can be a pain in the fit bottomed rear. This is why when Dole told us they had a new Red Grapefruit Sunrise Fruit Bowl in 100 percent fruit juice, I was stoked. If you’re a grapefruit lover like I am, you can’t go wrong with these. They are resealable, include a small fork and are just the right mix of grapefruit-y sourness and natural sweetness. There are 140 calories in a 7-ounce bowl, and you get 80 percent of your vitamin C for the day. Truly a fruit pick for on-the-go grapefruit-lovers! (I know from experience that they are an awesome travel snack…)

dole smoothieDole Shakers

The Dole Shakers that feature fruit and freeze-dried yogurt are quick, easy and fun. Add liquid, shake them up, and you’re good to go. Every time Tish shakes one, she starts singing any song she can think of that involves shaking and shimmying. (For real.) Each shake contains 90 calories, as long as you add just water. (They’re tasty with milk and juice, but you have to remember to tack on the extra calories.) The Shakers come in Mixed Berry, Strawberry and, Tish’s favorite flavor, Strawberry Banana. Each has calcium and pre- and probiotics, along with a little protein and fiber. While I’ll agree that these are pretty tasty, I’d rather make my own smoothies at home (the freeze-dried yogurt reminds me of  space food). But I’ll agree with Tish that shaking them up is super fun.

dole apple crispDole Crisp

I swear these things came right out of Willy Wonka’s factory. Dole found a way to take Tish’s favorite naughty apple crisp dessert and make it a pretty low-cal indulgence. The Dole Fruit Crisps come in Apple Cinnamon, Apple Pear and Peach. Each have about 150 calories, 3.5 grams of fat, 2 grams of fiber and 2 grams of protein. They’re high on the sugar-side with 20 grams—but, ladies, it is dessert (and dessert should be sweet). While you can eat these cold, we prefer to heat them up in the microwave. Simply open the bowl of fruit in its yummy fruit sauce, then sprinkle with the second container of whole-grain oats and brown sugar (if you wanted to cut down on calories and sugar, you could only use half here). Seriously perfect for this time of year, when you’re looking for a warm dessert. Apple Cinnamon was our favorite, but all are pretty good.

When you don’t have access to fresh fruit, what are your fave fruity products? Tell us how you like to get fruity! —Jenn & Tish

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