How to Prevent 5 Common Running Injuries


Stretching is one simple way to prevent common running injuries. Credit: lululemon athletica

5. Lower-back pain. “Runners who already have lower-back problems may find that their ailments are worsened by the impact running places on their body,” Dr. Jimenez warns.  In some cases, lower-back pain can lead to sciatica, herniated disc or degenerative disc disease. Lower-back pain can develop after running too far a distance before properly warming up and can be experienced in muscular strains, spasms and pains.

How to Prevent Lower-Back Pain

  • Prior to a run, be sure to perform a thorough warm-up.
  • Engage in gentle daily stretching that alleviates tight back muscles and loosens tight hamstrings.
  • Do strength-training routines to condition and tone the core muscles of the back.
  • Adjust your chair so that the positioning doesn’t strain the lower back.

One final tip from Dr. Jimenez? “For all injuries, pain that persists should be treated by a sports injury specialist who can outline a rehabilitation strategy and is recommended for full recovery.” So if you think you may have any of these common running injuries, see your doc!

Have you ever had a running injury? Afraid you might have one now? Tell us about it!

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  1. Mey Tseng says:

    I was running long distances (24 miles) for about a month and a half on Saturdays to train for an Ironman. On the 6th Saturday my right knee started to hurt on the outside. I couldn’t run more than 11 miles after that without pain. I think it might be that I was running the on the heal of my foot, instead of the balls of my feet, and recently did a post on my website researching proper running technique. What do you think?

  2. CJ Czolek says:

    Thanks Jenn, great article. I think I have had all of these at some point! I have recently been focusing on shortening my stride and increasing my stride rate. I really think it is helping. I’ve been telling people this for years, but experiencing it for myself I realize good form makes a huge impact!