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My Achy Breaky Pregnant Pelvis: Could It Be Symphysis Pubic Dysfunction?

SymphysisI’m loathe to complain about pregnancy. Really. I realize how lucky I am to be pregnant, and I’m thankful that a couple of early pregnancy scares turned out to be nothing more than “normal” first trimester bleeding. But. You guys. I’m in pain.

My first pregnancy had me convinced I was built for bearing children. Oh, lucky former me. No morning sickness! No back pain! Heartburn, sure. Swollen feet, check. But that was the end of my complaints. Easy, breezy, beautiful. This pregnancy? I’m convinced the child is trying to ensure that he or she is the last child my uterus sees.

The morning sickness and fatigue passed more than a month ago. But around the 20-week mark, my hips and pelvic bones started to cry out for help. At first it was just a peep here and there. But over the last couple of weeks, my bones have started to scream. I’ve started to feel like a 100-year-old arthritic lady. It hurts to stand up. It hurts to roll over in bed. It hurts to walk. Never mind exercise! (And you guys, I’m no pansy. I dealt with an unmedicated childbirth and plan to do so again, so I scoff at pain. As much as one can scoff when they’re in terrible childbirth-type pain.) My back has even joined my pelvis because, why not? It’s a pain-party up in here!

Of course I’ve consulted Dr. Google, and have come up with a diagnosis (and am consulting my official OBGYN at my appointment today). But I believe I’ve got a case of symphysis pubic dysfunction, or SPD. The hormone relaxin, which relaxes and loosens your ligaments during pregnancy, apparently has gone a little too slap-happy in my pelvic bones, making them too loosey-goosey too early and a lot ouchy-ouchy.

A few things I can do? Wear a pelvic support belt. Do Kegels and pelvic tilts. And generally take it a little easier. The pain has actually eased up over the last couple of days, so I’m thanking my lucky stars and hoping it continues so that I don’t have to go for that belt. But I will if it’ll help. I’m sure it’ll totally up the sexy factor…

I’ll keep you posted on my suspected SPD and let you know what a real doctor says. And I’ll let you know what I’ve been doing to cope. Want a hint? —Erin 

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