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Trying Smoothie King’s New Lean1

SmoothieKingWhile I’m not one for meal-replacement shakes, I am one who likes a good smoothie from time to time. And, you know, tasty as they are, smoothies aren’t always super easy to make and clean up, unless you a) have a industrial-strength blender that crushes frozen ice like it’s a joke and b) have someone around to do dishes for you (man, spinach gets caked on!). So popping in a store to pick up some post-workout nutrition when on the go is pretty rad.

I’ve been into Smoothie King a handful of times in my neighborhood. And I’ve tried their lower-calorie protein smoothies before, but I always wished they were a little more natural and a lot more exciting. So when we had the chance to try Smoothie King’s new Lean1 Smoothie, which is lactose free and contains omega-3 fatty acids, 17 fruits and vegetables, minerals and three grams of fiber, it seemed like it was time to give the smoothie chain another go-round.

After a particularly intense workout, my hubs and I rolled up to get our Lean1 on. I ordered a 20-ounce (the smallest size) in strawberry. He did the same in vanilla. Designed as a meal-replacement shake, we got them more as a large after-workout snack (or mini-meal) that would tide us over until a late lunch on a Saturday. And it did tide us over. With just less than 300 calories, we each got 20+ grams of protein. Smoothie King boasts that these weight-loss smoothies help your body burn body fat up to 68 percent faster, tone and define lean muscle, speed recovery from workouts and help suppress appetite. I didn’t feel like it was a cure-all by any means, and in two hours we were both ready to eat again, but it did feel more filling than a glass of chocolate milk or a piece of fruit. And, again, we had one heck of a workout to put it to the test.

Now about the flavor. I liked the strawberry. Made with just strawberries and the Lean1 formula, it tasted like a real strawberry milkshake—creamy and berry-ific. Now my husband’s vanilla? Despite being made of just bananas, almonds and Lean1 formula, it tasted way more diet-y with a weird sugar-substitute aftertaste. While I would order the strawberry again if I was in a pinch, I’d avoid the vanilla and make my own smoothie at home instead.

Have you tried Smoothie King’s Lean1 Smoothie? Would you? Any commercial smoothies that you love? Hate? Discuss in the comments! —Jenn

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  1. Junior says:

    Lean 1 contains soy which has phytoestrogens.Will consuming Lean 1 possible cause gynecomastia or “man boobs” due to the soy ingredient?

  2. Michelle says:

    I love it and have lost 25 pounds all from Lean1 whch I buy and make my own or from going to Smoothie King!!

  3. Judith Cruz says:

    Try Lean 1 strawberry smoothie is good love it also went buy Amazon Lean 1 shake make home so don’t have drive to Smoothie King going give product 9 thx.

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