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5 Active Birthday Gift Ideas for Kids

This guest post from Melissa for Fit Mom Fit Kids Club on active birthday gift ideas for kids is part of our first Active Kids Week. For all of the special content for the week, click here! 

Credit: johntrainor

Credit: johntrainor

I try to encourage my kids to eat healthy and stay active as much as possible. When it’s time for their birthday parties, I request that other parents bring active gifts and healthy snacks to the party.

This past year, my son turned nine. I got him some Super Mario Brothers party supplies and baked him a vegan strawberry cake that he and his friends absolutely adored. At the party, I tried to keep the kids outside and active. They played capture the flag, hopped on pogo sticks and indulged in a little tee ball. When it was time to open presents, all of the kids at the party were blissfully tired from playing in the sun all day. Much to my dismay, my son didn’t receive too many active gifts, but received plenty of toy cars and a few video games. If you’re wondering what you can get children for their birthdays, consider the five active birthday gift ideas below.

5 Active Birthday Gift Ideas for Kids

1. Fundex Whoops. This is an outdoor game that involves colorful stepping-stones. Kids lay the stones out on the ground and hop from stone to stone, picking up all the stones they jump on as they go.

2. Twister. The whole family can play this classic game. The best part is that it gets everybody off the couch and working on staying balanced.

3. Djubi. If a child is tired of playing regular, old catch, this is the perfect toy for him or her. Djubi comes with two racquets and two balls. The balls have rubber bands affixed to them. Kids can launch the balls from their racquets, and the balls will actually fly up to 100 feet forward. Players of the game have to catch the launched balls in the nets of their racquets.

4. Melissa and Doug Sunny Patch Toys. These toys are miniature gardening tools (rakes, gloves, watering cans and more). They’re perfect for younger children (ages 3 to 6) who love to help out around the house.

5. Freestyle Spooner Board. This is a board kids can use to surf on land. It allows them to glide along the pavement, spin around, and practice several cool tricks. It’s safe for young children to use, and most kids love to be able to pretend to surf with this toy!

No matter what active toy you decide to get a birthday boy or girl, just make sure it’s one that will get them up off the couch and moving around!

Thanks to Melissa for sharing her active gift ideas! Do you have any go-to birthday gifts that encourage kids to get moving? —Erin

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