5 Tips for Buying a Good Workout DVD That Doesn’t Totally Suck for You

good-dvd585With so many workout DVDs on the market, it’s easy to occasionally get hoodwinked by one or two. You think a dance workout will be totally fun and easy, yet the moves are so complicated it would take you years to master. Or you go to do a simple yoga DVD and end up needing everything but the kitchen sink. Or, worst of all, you spend three easy payments of $19.95 for a set of workout DVDs you end up never using because they’re just too darn hard. Sound familiar? Yeah, we’ve all made a workout-DVD mistake or two. But no longer!

Here on FBG, we review workout DVDs almost weekly, so we’re kind of like experts when it comes to separating the good workout DVDs from the not-so-good ones. And what makes a really good workout DVD for one person does not mean that it’ll be a fit for someone else. So with all of that in mind, we’ve put together a video with five tips to help you buy a good workout DVD for you.

Can’t see the video? Click here for tips to buy a good workout DVD.

Would you add any tips to ours? Have you ever bought a workout DVD that just wasn’t a fit? Or a really good workout DVD that seemed like it was made just for you? Tell us all about it, chicas! —Jenn


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  1. My all time favorite DVD set that I constantly go back to and has the best quickest results is Debbie Sieber’s Slim in 6. Can’t get much easier than squats and lunges. So easy to follow, no convoluted dance moves and I see inches lost almost immediately. I love it! I just purchased and returned a month later the Tracy Anderson Method Metamorphosis, wow did that infomercial suck me in, luckily I purchased from QVC and was able to return it a month later, it was awful, she didn’t give you cues when you transitioned, so I found myself cranking my neck the whole time to watch her on tv so while the floor exercises were fine, the mere fact, I had to keep watching the tv sucked, and I had to keep myself a cheat sheet of reps and when to transition why am I doing that when I just paid 100 bucks? Then the dance routine, ridiculous, not only did I feel ridiculous doing it, but I just felt as though it was doing nothing. Never again. I will stick with what I know and beachbody puts out some good dvds.

  2. This is exactly why I do what I do. Workout DVDs really do vary. Always read reviews. Find youtube clips of that DVD. And make sure you buy from someplace that allows returns. And you may want to find one that’s an actual program so you know what to do every day – and it’s based in real science. I also prefer the ones that have great production value. If it looks like it was made for TV use, I get distracted… 🙂

    Thanks for the video & tips…I hope EVERYONE will know how to pick out their DVDs now!


  3. Total giant YES to checking things out from the library. I’ve been blown away by how many fitness DVDs our library system carries (or that I can get from neighboring systems super easily), and it’s saved me a ton of money by being able to check out a DVD first and see if I jive with the style and intensity.

  4. I like to use the Collage Video website. I usually like to get my DVDs from this website because they will offer on all DVDs a 1 minute preview that will take you through various segments of the workout (and the prices are usually pretty good with free shipping on orders over $25). They also include equipment needed.

  5. I have used and purchased DVDs from Collage Video for years! They have been bought by another company and the site has been redesigned. But most of the content is still there.

  6. Thank you for the great tips. Also thank you Lena & Kathy for mentioning Collage Video. I’d never heard of them. I’ll go and check it out!