Erin’s Goals for 2012: A Fitness Revamp and (Small) Sugar Strike for 2012

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I'm shooting for the stars in 2012! Credit: Håkan Dahlström

I shared my goals for 2012 over at Fit Bottomed Mamas earlier this week, but tweaked them over here to share with you guys as well. (I assumed you guys don’t care as much about plans for childbirth as other moms and moms-to-be might…and if you do, well, go read my original post!) So here is my FBG version of my goals for 2012. Don’t be afraid to share yours!

Erin’s Goals for 2012

1. Make time for three workouts each week. It’s going to get busy around here with two little ones in the house, but once baby No. 2 arrives (and I’m no longer in pain), I plan to make time for myself and get my sweat on. I’ve missed my regular workouts and admit that I’ve slacked this pregnancy workout-wise compared to last, so I’ll be ready to get my rear in gear come spring. I also attended a Zumba class recently, so I’m planning to gyrate my hips in the New Year. Apologies to those who have to see that.

2. Nix the sugar for a week. I’m known, at least to myself, as needing a sugary treat each day. Which is fine. But I’m kind of sick of it. As shudder-inducing as it is for me, I want to try to go a week without those treats or added sugar. You can expect a full report on my findings when I do the sugar-banishing experiment.

3. Cut down on technology. I try not to be one of those people who ignores people in real life to check my messages or Facebook obsessively, but I do get on my own nerves with the checking of the BlackBerry nonstop. In the New Year I’m going to cut down on all technology, check my phone less during the day to focus on my daughter and turn off the computer at least an hour before bed to wind down.

4. Spread the Fit Bottomed Mamas love. Fit Bottomed Girls, The Blog started from a little idea in Jenn’s brain that grew into the site you see today. We’re humbled by the love we get from our readers and by the fact that we get to do what we love. We started Fit Bottomed Mamas to share the same FBG spirit with moms everywhere, and we’d love to grow the site and spread the message to more moms. We have so much kick-ass content over there that we’re proud of, so if you know a mom who could benefit from a little FBG attitude, send her on over!

What are your goals for 2012? Put them out into the universe below! —Erin

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