It’s an Ellen Barrett, Jari Love and Jackie Warner Workout DVD Pack Giveaway!

ellen barrett dvdThis giveaway is a part of our second-annual New Year, New Rear Week to help you to be fitter, healthier and a touch (okay, a lot!) more awesome in 2012. Read all New Year, New Rear posts here!

Oh, how we love workout DVDs! They’re perfect for when you don’t want to get out of the house to work out or you simply want to switch things up and try a new kind of exercise. If you’re like us and new workout DVDs make your heart go pitter-patter, we have a fantastic giveaway for you! For New Year, New Rear Week we’re giving away three workout DVD packs from three fitness powerhouses that do not disappoint.

Giveaway #1: Two Ellen Barrett Live DVDs, including Power Fusion and Grace + Gusto.

Giveaway #2: Two Jari Love DVDs, including Get Extremely Ripped: 1000 Hardcore and Get Extremely Ripped: Revved to the Max.

Giveaway #3: Four Personal Training with Jackie DVDs, including 30 Day Fast StartXtreme Timesaver TrainingCrunch-Free Xtreme Abs and Power Circuit Training.

Incredibly awesome, right? Leave us a comment below with which workout DVD pack you’d like best and why, and we’ll select three random U.S. readers to win in about a week. Winners will be notified in the comments and via email, so be on the lookout to see if you won! —Jenn

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  1. I love pilates and yoga… I would love the Ellen Barrett duo. Who doesn’t need to relax and workout? Besides, with 3 kids (1year old twins and a first grader) this is something they could do with me…dancing and yoga.

  2. I would love to win the Giveaway #3: Four Personal Training with Jackie DVDS. I need to change up my workout routine with some more Xtreme training to lose weight and these would be perfect to help me reach my weight loss goals!

  3. I own more workout DVDs than regular movies and love trying out new fitness routines. I’d love to try Jackie Warner’s set because I’ve never done one of her videos before. Cardio + strength are my favorite DVDs and with cold winter weather, working out inside is the way to go!

  4. I would love them ALL! I am already a dedicated at home work out person, but I would love #3 because I think Jackie Warner’s work outs would kick my working out at home into a totally new gear! There is NO point in becoming bored with your work out with all of these choices!

  5. Id love the Jari Love pack!! I’ve never used any of her products before, and after using the same videos for almost 5 years now, I’m looking to shake things up a bit, and add some good muscle building into my routine. Thanks!

  6. I’m a runner, so increasing my fitness dvd collection is a must for when I start getting bored with the treadmill. #3 sounds great, but really any of the packages would be wonderful.

  7. My choice, if I have to choose only ONE :), would be #3. I struggle with my abs the most and a crunch free 6-pack sounds like heaven!!!

  8. I want them all!! I know it sounds greedy, but mixing it up would be a great way to keep the interest going. I would be happy with just any one of them!

  9. I would LOVE to win the Jackie Warner giveaway. I’ve been hearing great reviews about her workout programs and am definitely in need of something to jump start my loss of this post-baby baby weight (as in the weight I gained AFTER I lost the weight I gained during pregnancy!). Sadly, these days an in-home video is all I have time for after working all day and taking care of an (almost) 2 year old. Healthy, happy mommy equals healthy, happy toddler.

  10. I guess I’ll choose #2…to improve my chances. #3 would’ve probably been more appropiate for me…I’m staring at 80 more pounds. Have lost 12 so far. I’m 44 years old & 5’0 & haven’t been fit since high school…big challenge & this website has been such a tremendous help.

  11. My choice would be #1! I’m getting married on May 19, 2012 and definitely want to be toned and in shape for the big day!! Any of these packages would definitely be a HUGE help!!!

  12. I would like to win #1because if i have the dvd with me, atleast i will be able ‎​Τo help myself to workout from home,instead of feeling lazy or finding excuses to Go to the gym and missing out my workouts.I have very high cholestrol and buliemic,i just need help. HOpe i win this dvd.

  13. I’d love the jackie videos! I have always wanted to try her workouts but just haven’t yet. I hope I win!

  14. I would love Jackie Warner’s DVD set! It seems to cover a broad range of workouts (abs, circuit training, etc.) The 30 Day Fast Start looks like a great way to jump into a workout program too!

  15. I’ve never tried any of Jackie Warner’s workouts, but I’ve heard such great things! And I have an old video of Ellen Barrett’s – she’s great and her newer stuff must be awesome, too!

  16. I would love the Ellen Barrett DVDs. I’ve done her other workouts on netflix, but would love to try something new and fresh! Otherwise I would say Jackie Warner, who I turn to when I need a butt-whooping, but I already have those 🙂 … Pilates/yoga makes me feel feminine, graceful, and strong. Its a great feeling!

  17. I need #3 Jackie since watching her show I love her take no prisoners attitude with 5 kids I always find excuses why Ican’t work out w/ this I have none…

  18. I would LOVE to win #1 – I’ve recently (in the last 2 years) introduced yoga into my exercise plan and would really appreciate some more to do at home. I’m trying to live more simply this year and that includes spending less. By having workout videos that will help me with more than my fitness goals since I won’t have to spend on yoga/fitness classes! Thanks so much for the opportunity! Pick me please! 🙂

  19. I would love the Jari Love set. I love getting an intense workout in a short amount of time. Waking up early before work daily, I am always looking for ways to get extra sleep. What better way to intensify my workout and be able to sleep a little longer b/c the workout would be a little shorter!

  20. I’ll take a #3 please and not the kind on a fast food menu that can be super-sized for super calorie/fat intake. I need a jump start and time-saving workout after the busy holiday season and jam packed work schedule with VERY limited time to exercise. I love the variety this offers and flexibility. Plus, I need motivation to get on track and stay on track. What better way to start the new year!

  21. Gimme Ellen Barrett! While all of the videos look like a great addition or beginning set for a home workout routine, Ellen’s approach looks to be the most harmonious with my goals. I’m returning to vigorous workouts after a herniated disc and have been looking for integrated workouts that focus on core strength while also pushing limits for the whole body.

    I also love her DIY ethic of shooting the video in her own studio with class regulars! Those small decisions make a huge difference in how I feel when I’m working out to a video. It makes it feel way more real and accessible instead of a performance.

  22. I would love to win the #3 pack! I could really use some help with my abs, and time saving workouts are always great:)

  23. I would love to win the Ellen Barrett package. As much as I love Jackie Warner, I already own several of her DVDs and love them. But, I need to expand my horizons and try something new!

  24. I am overweight, depressed, and have no energy. I would like any of the packages. At this point I am nit picky … I just need motivation!

  25. Giveaway #1: Two Ellen Barrett Live DVDs, including Power Fusion and Grace + Gusto would be my choice I would guess…I read all the descriptions on Amazon through your links and Ellen Barrett seems more up my alley. The other two look a bit advanced for me (yet!) Thanks for the chance to win – I had to cancel my gym membership ($).

  26. I’d love the Ellen Barrett dvds! They sound interesting and not too crazy hardcore, which is what I need so that I can consistently make myself do them.

  27. I would love to win the jackie package (giveaway #3). I love workout dvds that make me work super hard…and i think these would do the trick!

  28. I would love all 3! I have many of Ellen’s videos and have always wanted to try Jackie’s! I love the variety. It helps keep me motivated to workout and at the same time works more areas.

  29. I’d choose package #2 because I’ve always wanted to try Jari’s workouts. She reminds me of my trainer, so I know I’d get a butt kickin’ at home with her DVDs!

  30. #3 sounds awesome, I’ll definitely need the abs workout after my third baby arrives in March. What perfect motivation for summer bikini season 🙂

  31. I’ve always wanted to try Jackie Warner’s DVD’s so this would be awesome! I am trying to workout more at home. This would be great motivation!

  32. I would love the Jackie Warner set. I loved watching her show and she has a rocking body. This is who I’d want motivating my new me, new rear 🙂

  33. I would love the Jackie Warner pack! She’s tough, but motivating. I’ve been exercising more consistently over the past year with walking and Zumba classes. Time to step it up and add something new into the mix! Pick me, pick me!

  34. Ellen Barrett’s DVDs are fantastic and her style is so approachable. She makes working out fun. I would love to win her new DVDs. I need to drop some lbs ASAP.

  35. I would love to win Jackie Warner’s DVDs, I really enjoy someone who is kind of tough but still motivates without yelling and screaming at you through the TV.

  36. I’m thinking #2 looks like the s**t! 🙂 I could totally use these DVDs before my trip to Kauai in June. Oh please oh please (and thank you!) Jari Love all the way!!!

  37. The Ellen Barret pack looks most interesting to me. It looks like a nice combination of low impact but effective moves. I’m open to any of them though. All look pretty good. Happy New Year!

  38. I would like to win the first set. I really need to work on my flexibility and those 2 DVD’s sound like they could help me add yoga and pilates to my routine.

  39. I would be downright overjoyed to win the Ellen Barrett dvd pack. I am a big fan of her Self Slim & Sleek workout, I love the incorporation of dance movements and stretches. Ellen is such a great motivator too! She knows when to throw in those encouraging words!

  40. I would love any of them! I need to get my big fat booty in gear!!! I have some of Jacki Warners videos and I would love to check out Jari’s! Thank you sooooo much for this opportunity! Out with old booty, in with the new toned, sexy booty!

  41. I love Jackie Warner! I actually own 2 of the DVD’s in that package, but if I won it, I would give the ones that I already have to my BFF!

  42. Giveaway #3 would be the bomb to win !
    I loved Jackie when I first laid eyes on her reality TV show; Work Out. Jackie is incredibly motivating and I have tried, and have had enjoyed, ALL of her DVDs that were available from Exercise TV On Demand.
    I would love to win Giveaway #3 because I do not own any of Jackie’s DVDs, but more sad than that, Exercise TV On Demand no longer exists 🙁

  43. I’d love to win either #2 or #3 – actually, ALL of them would be great as I get ready for lots of indoor workouts during the winter.

  44. Oh, I have seen snippets of Ellen Barrett’s workouts on ExerciseTV before, and I thought they were fantastic! While I am a longtime yogini and newbie yoga teacher, I’m a complete pilates novice. I would love to win her workout package #1–I know it would provide me with more inspiration for my own workouts, as well as helping me to expand my “teacher toolbox” when working with my students! Thank you for a great blog, and Happy New Year!

  45. I would love #3 because I have been wanting to try jackie’s workouts. I currently do Jilliam Michaels and really enjoy her videos and want to compare and avoid a rut!

  46. All are such a great package. But I havent tried Jari and I would LOVE to try one of her workouts. This years goal is to add more muscle and tone up.

  47. Hey Jenn. What a great idea for the readers! We’d be happy to send you some product for future give-aways.

    We’re sure the FBG readers would love sweating to our coached workout mixes, which are the audio equivalent of a fitness DVD, but for cardio machines. Interval-based, fun and super-motivating. Our latest one “Treadmill Coach” ( with trainer Amy Dixon is already Top-10 on iTunes!

  48. I would like Giveaway #3 if I won, it would be great for my daughter and I, she just had a baby 4 months ago, so i am sure the abs workout would be great for her, and the Cardio would be great for me, and best of all we could do it together!

  49. I would ove to win # 3! I’ve tried Jackie’s workouts from the library and I really liked it! They’re on my Amazon wish list! 🙂

  50. That is a tough decision! I think I’d like #2 the best, I’d like to get more ripped and I like to switch up my p90x workouts with other DVDs sometimes, when I’m bored.

  51. I think I would like the Ellen Barrett because I need to work on my flexibility. I just started back on working out and I need to be motivated with new DVD’s. Thank you for motivating us with this giveway.

  52. Ellen Barrett is my favorite. I have used a lot of her DVD’s. Her moves are ‘soft’ but effective. I am 67 and find Ellen’s workouts very doable for an older person.

  53. My DVD collection has some Jackie in it, and I love the intensity with which she trains. Jari Love’s DVDs look seriously … well, serious! I’m putting myself in the mix for this two pack, so that I can work towards a kick-ass six+ pack like hers.

    Gracias. And happy new year to everyone on these message boards. I’m new here and truly enjoying the community.

  54. Jackie for sure. I love Jackie and her training approach. I watched her reality show on foxtel and couldn’t get enough of it, although I don’t have any of her workout dvd’s they have been on my wishlist. I love her physique and her approach to nutrition and of course her attitude!:)

  55. I’d love Jackie’s DVDs. I want to up to a 2nd workout during the day, and I relocated to the country, getting the the gym twice won’t work any more. This will give me a good variety of things to try at home.

  56. My top pick would be for the Jackie Warner DVDs, given the positive reviews that I’ve seen, but really I’d love to win any!

  57. I would love Jackie DVD set!! I’ve always wanted to try her DVDs but just have never got the courage to buy them or even find a video online and do. I would love to get in shape like her especially in the tummy area!

  58. It is hard to decide because I would love new yoga and pilates stuff but I hear that Jackie Warner’s videos are great.

  59. I would love to get any of them, but Giveaway #3 sounds awesome. Jackie Warner is a ripped rockstar!

  60. I honestly would like the giveaway number 3. The reason why I’d want Jackies DVDs is because the titles of the work out DVD’s sound fun. I always want to work out my abs because honestly I’ve been working on those the least. And I would love to do her time saving training work out and power circuit training. Honestly the title’s catch me and the work out videos sound fun! I’ve also seen her get high ratings before so I would probably want the Giveaway number 3 🙂 dvd’s.

  61. I have for so long been wanting Jackie’s DVD’s! I love trying out new DVD’s at home! It definitely helps me actually stick with it. You don’t have the excuses of it being too cold to go out, or just not feeling like driving.

  62. Oooh tough choice but I think I would have to go with Jackie’s DVDs. You guys always give her videos such rave reviews but I haven’t ever been able to try one! This would be perfect!

  63. I would love the Ellen Barrett DVDs. I just discovered her this summer through Netflix, and I love doing all of her workouts on there! And I love that she is almost local to me (in CT) and I hope to make it to an actual class of hers soon!

  64. I’m a big Jari Love fan and as luck would have it, I don’t have the two Jari Loves you’re giving away (Giveaway #2). Spread the JLove my way! Thanks FBGs!

  65. I love workout videos; I am lucky enough to live in a state were it rains most of a year. They are a fitness lifesaver. I am a huge fan of Jackie Warner she has that get in your face and motivate you attitude that I love.

  66. I am running a half marathon on Saturday and would love a new exercise video to try after my training is complete…not to mention, my wedding day is quickly approaching. I would love any of them!

  67. I love Jari Love’s workouts. She breaks it down and works every muscle to fatigue. I always feel very empowered after doing her workouts. They are amazing!

  68. I would like to win the Jackie Warner workouts. I loved her show and think she is a tough personal trainer.
    Just what I need.

  69. The Two Ellen Barrett Live DVDs would be great. Thanks for the chance.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  70. I love Jackie’s methodology, I am just getting back to working out after a year and a half on a feeding tube. I haven’t been able to get the newest videos yet, so I would love to have a little jump start!

  71. Ellen Barrett all the way! Her Barefoot Cardio DVD is one of my all-time faves. Thanks for the opportunity!

  72. I would love Jackie Warner’s set! Her tough, no-nonsense style is a kick in the pants. As a mom of 2 children, the only time I have to work out is at 5:00 AM, before getting myself ready for work and the kids ready for school. I think her set would get me in motion.

  73. I would love the Jackie Warner DVD set. Two for me and two to share! My maid of honor and I are determined to lose weight before my July wedding. I already have Jackie’s Xtreme Timesaver Training and Power Circuit Training, which I would givie to my MOH, and I’d love to try out the 30 Day Fast Start and Crunch-Free Xtreme Abs DVDs (which of course, I would also share). Pick me! =)

  74. I would be thrilled with any of these, but I have never tried Jari Love’s DVDs and love trying new things, so I would pick that as my top choice! 🙂

  75. I would love Number 3. Jackie Warner is extremely intense and I really like her. I have her book and thoroughly enjoyed it!

    kimberly.long at gmail dot com

  76. Ellen Barrett for me, someone let me borrow one of Ellen Barrett dvds and it got me exercisng again. I find her fun and motivatng. Crossing my fingers and hoping for a Ellen Barrett DVD.

  77. I’ve always wanted to try Jackie’s workouts so I’d love to win the Four Personal Training with Jackie DVDs.

  78. All of the packages seem great! But I really envy Jari Love’s ripped physique, so I think I’d choose giveaway #2. I need to “Get Extremely Ripped”! 🙂

  79. JARI! Giveaway #2…I love Jackie but I need to change it up. Jari sounds like the perfect change up for 2012. 🙂

  80. Giveaway 3 seems more my style…but given my bad knees and current knee injury that has not fully healed, i will go for which ever one is deemed more “knee friendly” 🙂

  81. I would like to win the Ellen Barrett dvds. I have never tried her videos before and I checked them out online and they look great! Thanks!

  82. i’m kind of torn between jackie and jeri… they both look great for a hard-core workout and they also look like a challenge to an experienced exerciser and lifter, which i am. i like that jackie’s is split into four dvd’s and has a full ab workout on it’s own. jeri’s however is great for someone who wants major muscle definition, perfect for someone with a wedding to get ready for (like me).

  83. I would like to win Jari Love’s DVDs because they would be really tough workouts which would challenge me. Online reviews rave for Jari!

  84. I would like to try any of these sets, I have never tried any of them, but the Jackie Warner Giveaway is sounding very intriguing especially with the Fast Start and Time Saver DVD’s.

  85. #1 because it sounds like something that would be fun and provide that want to factor. #3 because of the versatility and adaptability aspects.

  86. Any look great to me – I haven’t used DVDs much before, but new schedule this year is making it tough to hit the gym, so I’m looking for more at-home options.

  87. I’d love to win Jackie’s giveaway. Her abs are killer and she gives great motivation throughout her workouts. And gotta love that shes out and proud :]

  88. I would love the Jari Love DVDs. I have never tried her but she seems like I would get a great workout from her dvds. Thank you!

  89. Ellen please! Grace and gusto sounds exactly like a workout for me- areas where I have a lot of room to improve!

  90. Ellen Barrett! Loved her back during her Crunch days and can’t wait to see what her new workouts are like.

  91. I would love to win the Jari Love pack because I have all of her DVDs from the beginning except these two. I love Jari’s workouts! She is phenomenal.

  92. Of course I would take any DVD set you would give me to add to my very meager collection, but, the Jari Love DVD set sounds like the one most fit for the routine I am in now. I have not worked out with her before but would love the chance.
    Thanks for offering all the free give aways, you guys are great!

  93. I love to exercise. Unfortunately, I have had to have two foot surgeries this year which has stopped me from doing so. The surgeries are very painful and prohibit bearing weight on my feet for a good period of time after surgery. I may not be able to really exercise again for at least 4 months. When I get to start again, I want to go for it! I would live to have the Jari Love DVDs but I would be delighted with any of the options. I would greatly appreciate winning so that I can look forward to restarting my fitness journey. Thank you.

  94. Love to try Jackie’s workouts ~ hope to win the Four Personal Training with Jackie DVD’s. Thanks a bunch!!

  95. Lost some of my motivation after losing over 20lbs. I’d like Jackie’s dvd’s to get a good kick in the pants to get me going again. 🙂

  96. I have been doing all my workouts from Exercise TV & just this week they took it off our cable network. I’ve been trying to find some good home video workouts, and Jari Love was one series that I was very interested in. So, I would be thrilled to win Giveaway #2. 🙂

  97. The DVD give away. I would love the Jari Love DVDs. I am a mo
    Of three, and we recently located to a different city- leaving my gym:( I would live to keep up my fitness at home. My kids say I am getting grumpy.

  98. I hope to win Jackie’s workouts. I have a spinal issue and have wished for a crunch-free ab workout, but had no luck finding one! I walk half marathons, which is fine for my back, but try really working out your abs without doing a crunch…not terribly effective! Fingers crossed!

  99. I love Jackie Warner. I think she is hard core and think he workout dvds would be super motivational. I recently lost 45 lbs and am trying to lose another 35. These dvds might help me get the second half of my weight off.

  100. I would love the Jari Love DVDs. I’ve already lost 30 pounds and I’m looking to lose the last 10 I need to shed and would live to get “ripped” I’ve been working on switching up my workouts to shock my body because I’ve hit a 6 month plateau where I have lost any since the 1st 30 lbs. thanks!!

  101. Pack # 3 for the quick start and time saving DVDs. As a working mom of 2 small children I can use all the help I can get to save time and keep me on track.

  102. I am just re-entering the exercise zone and am determined to be a fit bottomed girl. I’d love any of these but will choose Ellen Barrett’s. Thank you for the opportunity!

  103. I would love to have the Jari Love DVD’s. I’ve never tried them but have heard good things from friends. This is fun!

  104. I would love the #3 Jackie Warner give away. I was able to get a taste of Jackie’s style OnDemand — what a great over all workout! She is easy to follow, encouraging and makes me feel like I accomplished a lot. The best part — I like how I felt after I finished her workout!

  105. I really love the two Ellen Barrett videos I already have. Her cuing is easy to follow and her voice is easy to listen to. She gives great encouragement throughout the videos and you get it a good workout! In addition, her clothing doesn’t annoy me (with outfits I’ll never wear). 😉

  106. The Personal Training with Jackie DVDs sounds good for me. Thanks! Awesome giveaway!

    LOVE the name of your blog!