Tish’s Goals for 2012: Promising My Spirit

We should all shoot for the stars, right? Credit by: f_shields

Last year in my personal blog, I typed out a couple of resolutions that I easily forgot a week after writing, so when Jenn mentioned that this year we’d be booting the resolutions and instead conjuring up some goals, I shimmied out a small pelvic thrust of happiness.

That happiness didn’t last long, though. Turns out all my creative goal-making bones are hibernating. I stressed about this for weeks—and then it hit me. Promising your spirit better things for 2012 isn’t about quantity…it’s all quality. Maybe you only have one goal…maybe 20. It’s more about the challenges your heart (and body) respond to. Once I figured that out, my lovely little goals popped right on out. I love aha moments!

Tish’s 2012 Goals

1. Try to find a new superfood to cook with. I always hear talk of quinoa and barley, but I’ve never cooked with such things. I’ll eat it, but me cooking it is a whole other story.

2. Flex and actually be able to show muscle popping out. Don’t laugh. I’ve never had arm muscles. When I visited Alex Reznik at his gym in New York, he told me it would be really hard to get muscle because of how long and lanky my arms are. Smells like a challenge, don’t you think?

3. Find and read another cool sports book. I read two last year: Open and Wonder Girl were both snazzy. Time to repeat that. This shouldn’t be hard, right?! If you have any recommendations please send them my way!

4. Act more like a girl who’s bound to get her wishes and dreams. I’m out in Los Angeles to act. I have a hard time telling people I am an actress because frankly, I’m not acting…My goal is to find a hopeful, but honest way of talking about my dreams in a totally present, totally healthy, totally believable kind of way.

What about you? Is your goal list short and sweet or long and complete? —Tish

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  1. Colleen says:

    If you try barley–I LOVE it as a breakfast food. I make it up in my rice cooker and then for the rest of the week I reheat it with almond milk, walnuts and fresh fruit. Cinnamon, honey, etc. Like oatmeal. And you can do the same with quinoa.

    As for the book: Born to Run.
    (If you run).

    Also-one of my resolutions is to dream. In the past few years I have only let myself think about logical things that can happen. Now I am making myself imagine the impossible happen to me. Good Luck!