Biggest Loser 13 Episode 8: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

biggest loser 13*SPOILER ALERT* This Biggest Loser 13 recap reveals details from last night’s episode. So if you don’t want to know the dramatic details and who was voted off of Biggest Loser 2012, click away, my friend, click away!

Wow, things got ugly last night on The Biggest Loser. But it wasn’t all bad. In my hopes to continue to not state the obvious, let’s focus on the good—first.

There was some great character development last night! (And I mean the actual self-development kind, not the reality-celeb kind—although Conda is making a strong case to go down in the books as the biggest BL villian ever.) Kim and Dolvett connecting over both being adopted and her talking to her daughter on her birthday? Priceless! And Cassandra reading a 2008 diary entry about herself and realizing how far she’s come, telling our dear Bob, “I need to not let all the negativity rule my life like it has the past 25 years…I do believe there’s hope.” Again. This is the kind of stuff we watch The Biggest Loser for.

Then there was the bad. What I will henceforth call the Awkward Daphne Incident—in which she ate a bunch of junk food to win the temptation challenge, made a poor contestants-swapping-teams decision, didn’t fess up about said decision and then triggered BL World War 3—was a pretty low point of the show. In a season where most everyone on Twitter is sick of the whining and excuses (oh, the irony!), here was Daphne just trying to do her best to stay on the show (even if it was misguided, I think her heart was in the right place and it was just a panicked choice by a rightly scared lady) and her whole team purposely didn’t lose enough weight so that they could lose the weigh-in and vote her off. Yep, that’s the ugly.

Question: Is this show still about life change and getting healthy? Doesn’t seem to be. Watching everything back, I hope the black team feels guilty and ashamed about what they did. ‘Cause that’s not cool. Stop the game play. Get healthy. If not for you, for all the other people who wanted to be on the show but didn’t get picked. All I can say is thank goodness for Bob and Dolvett who seem to be the calm in the storm and are still totally committed to getting these people to change. Talk about patience.

And, if this rumored walk-off news is true (thanks @Rachel_Crocker for alerting us to this!), it looks like some of these BL 13 contestants just aren’t getting it. AT ALL. What do you think about all this craziness? —Jenn

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  1. I’ve been a devoted fan of the show for years, but this season will be my last. The drama has gotten so bad, it’s not even inspiring anymore. And honestly, the only reason my husband and I are continuing to watch season 13 is to see Conda voted off. I know that’s not cool, but that’s the only thing barely holding our interest right now.

  2. Sonia says:

    I couldn’t agree with Tamara more. This season is horrible, after last nights low, I am considering not watching any more. There is just too much Conda, I mean drama on this season for me. Not inspiring, I end up irritated and not motivated in the least. These people need to grow up, and stop letting the Conda cancer destroy the house and the purpose for being there. Also where are the great weight-losses of the years past? Probably non-existent because there focus isn’t on losing weight anymore. On a positive note, I love Bob and Dolvett!

  3. Val says:

    I COMPLETELY agree……am very, very tired of all the drama. I watch the show to be inspired and it’s been a long time since anyone has truely inspired me. This show is about losing weight and not about Conda. I think Daphne’s heart was in the right place as she did it to get Conda out, but then she goes and GAINS? Seriously??? The arguing and the shouting was too much last night. I’m so glad I DVR’d it to skip the bs. I just wanted to shout SHAME ON YOU ALL!!! This might be my last season as well. I don’t need this type of inspiration as I struggle with my own personal journey.

  4. Melissa says:

    NBC has ruined what used to be an inspirational show about the journey to better health. If the TMZ walk-off rumors are true, I don’t blame the remaining contestants for threatening to leave. Nothing like adding the stress of ridiculous “twists” to thwart someone’s weight loss journey. As for Daphne, I don’t think that her decision to make the switches was necessarily a bad one. Think about it … she took a heavier guy and placed him on a team with other heavy guys who have the potential to pull bigger numbers every week, hence making the red team stronger and more likely to win weigh ins. She put Conda on the black team, I would assume because those other women are less likely to vote each other off because of their established black team bond and more likely to vote Conda off next time they lose a weigh in. Daphne’s plan may take some time to realize itself, but I have to think there was a pretty darned good plan in there. Plus I love that she purposely gained weight to get herself off the show. It was like she had the last laugh. All of those other black team members threw the weigh-in and sabotaged their own weight loss for nothing. Daphne knew all along what they had planned to do at the weigh in and she kind of stuck it to them in the end by essentially sending herself home. At least that’s my take on it anyway.

  5. D says:

    This season is about hypocrites and whiners. Did Daphne do the changes she wanted yes. They all bitched about it, yet what about the others that ate? What if they had ate the most and made changes, they sit there and bitch that she made changes, yet if they ate, they wanted the power too and were going to make changes. Such a bunch of hypocrites and then to deliberately lose the weigh in. Wow I have had about as much as I can stomach of this season. It’s not inspiring me at all.

  6. Tonya says:

    I miss the season where Hannah and Olivia were on. It seemed everyone got along so well and was supportive. shows don’t have to be vicious to be good. Get on board NBC!

  7. PJ says:

    And Conda says she is a role model for her daughter? What a crock! She is just a manipulative liar and a trouble maker…. Ridiculous. I would be so embarrassed to be her family watching that crap that she is doing!

  8. Linz says:

    OMG, I cannot handle the bunch from this season. There is so much hate and tension. I think the casting folks got it very wrong this time. If they want to walk off let them.

  9. It seems to me that all of these types of reality shows eventually sacrifice the inspiration for the drama. I use to like “Celebrity Fit Club” till it got snarky. I checked out of Biffest Loser about a year ago for the same reason.

  10. Ms. Mac says:

    I am wondering why Conda was not booted off the show when she threatned to kick Adrian and even gestured a kick. She is one of the most manipulative people to be on the show along with Vicki a few seasons ago. I am usually inspired by this show as others have indicated they are as well. If I wanted to watch this type of bad behavior I would watch one of the other reality type shows. Are the producers setting up the audience? If so they need to stop. You are giving this otherwise good show a bad name. Please tell these people to stop whining. If they want to leave, let them. I am sure other people would love this opportunity and would be appreciative of the chance to receive the help of the show and trainers.