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C-Section Scarring: Tips to Minimize that Mark!

scarring-585I admit, I think it would be nice if women could just snap their fingers and have their pre-baby bodies back once the baby arrives. But unfortunately it takes some work.

After all, it takes nine months and some seriously hard work to grow that beautiful bump, so it only makes sense that you give yourself time to “snap” (aka slooowly bend) back.

Last week, a fitness expert weighed in specifically on getting those abs back after a C-section. But what about that darned scar? It’s there no matter how rockin’ your abs are! This week, we had a chat with Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel, a plastic surgeon and professor at Boston University to ask for tips on C-section scarring and recovery. So be proud of that mommy mark, but take heed of these tips as proper care can help healing!

Q&A on C-Section Scarring with Dr. Spiegel

  • FBM: How much does the amount of scarring depend on the skill of the doctor?
  • JS: In part—but largely on the complexity of the situation. The harder the delivery, the more stretching that can occur at the incision site and this can play a role. Plus, part of it is how your own body heals, your weight and factors such as your health and nutrition.
  • FBM: What’s the proper way to care for a new surgical scar to help it best heal?
  • JS: Keep it out of the sun and keep it covered. Vaseline, antibiotic ointment and scar treatments are all good ways to help a scar heal best. If there’s a chance for sun exposure, use sunscreen starting a day or two after the stitches come out.
  • FBM: Any mistakes that should be avoided?
  • JS: Don’t do anything that will put tension on the scar. Bending backwards, leaning strongly or other activities that can stretch the scar apart will make it wider and less attractive. Also, keep it clean and covered.
  • FBM: How long does it typically take a C-section scar to fade?
  • JS: Everybody’s different, but expect a year or so to know how it’s going to look.
  • FBM: Are scars more noticeable on a particular skin tone?
  • JS: Different skin tones heal in different ways. Very fair-skinned people may have a red line that’s visible for a long time, while darker skin people may have pigment deposits that leave the scar dark in the beginning.
  • FBM: Can anything be done medically to remove or minimize a C-section scar?
  • JS: Once you have a scar there’s no way to get rid of it completely, but we can do things to camouflage it. This includes making it flatter, thinner, less visible, etc. A good surgeon should have ideas that can help.

If your C-section scar bothers you, it’s good to know you have a teeny tiny bit of control in helping it heal properly. But we think you should just wear it like a badge of mommy honor! Does your scar bother you or make you a proud mama? —Erin

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  1. I have had four boys and FOUR c-sections, so I have tried and tested many treatments for the scarring. I have a handful of easy home remedy tips to help reduce the appearance of scarring that are helpful for all types of scars, not just C-section scars.



  2. hey everyone,
    Just wanted to share how I’m currently treating my keloid. I developed a keloid about a year ago from a surgery I had to remove a cyst. It’s about 1 and a half inches long and about 1/3 of a inch wide. It’s also 3-4 shades darker than my complexion.
    I went to Ulta about 2 weeks ago and saw this product called ScarAway. It’s like a silicone sheet. You’re supposed to wear the sheet for 12 weeks. I’m finished week 1 but I definitely saw a change. I’m approaching week 2 now.
    I have before and after pictures on my blog “Purging Pretty” (didn’t want to post the link so yall would feel like I’m spam. You can just google the blog if you like.
    But It really has shrunk a little in size and has lightened up. I really can’t wait to see how it looks on week 12.

  3. Robin Cali says:

    I had a keloid scar pretty badly from the time of my c section. I have been using the Dr max Powers Scar Serum twice a day on the scar, and 18 weeks later the scar is very small and the right side is starting to fade. 

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