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Do You Cut the Caffeine When Pregnant?

I was a model pregnant citizen the first go-round. I nixed caffeine entirely until the end of the third trimester. I avoided scary soft cheeses. I did all kinds of prenatal workouts. But this time? Well, you can certainly tell this ain’t my first rodeo. I’m a lot more relaxed and laid back about everything, probably because I’m distracted by a whirling toddler tornado.

Those soft cheeses you’re supposed to avoid because of the risk of listeria? I’ve slipped a time or two. The prenatal workouts? We all know that I’m taking it easy out of necessity. And caffeine? Well, I haven’t been able to give up my morning coffee. I feel slightly guilty about it, as caffeine can cross the placenta, but honestly, it’s just too soothing of a treat to give up entirely.

I did ask my doctor, hoping that I would get the all clear. And while she didn’t tell me I could hook an IV of drip coffee straight into my arm, she said a cup or two was fine, and to avoid the jumbo Starbucks beverages. I probably have just over a cup on any given day, and considering that my daughter has regressed in the sleeping world despite my best efforts, I credit my morning coffee with saving my sanity. Plus, with the amount of creamer I use, I’m really not getting much caffeine. I really enjoyed Caitlin’s take on caffeine (and other no-no foods) over on Healthy Tipping Point, so check out her posts when you get a chance!

But I want to know about you guys. Did you drink coffee while pregnant or do you plan to when you get pregnant?

As always, weigh in below and tell us more about your thoughts on buns in the oven and coffee! —Erin

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