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Make Your Valentine Your Workout Partner

workout-partner-benefits-585Happy Valentine’s Day! Love is in the air on this most commercialized and heart-iest of all holidays. Whether you get into the pink and red with fervor or skip the boxes of chocolates and cards or celebrate by loving yo’self over on FBG, you can take today to celebrate coupling up—with a workout partner! Today, Life Fitness outlines a few of the benefits of partnering up with a significant other to get your daily exercise. Bonus? Platonic pals can offer some of the same benefits!

5 Benefits of a Workout Partner

1. You’re more likely to stick with it. If you wake up with the person who is going to turn to you and say, “When are we working out today?” you will be more likely to stick with it. Each day you have an accountable partner to keep you on track and push you a little if you are wavering.

2. It’s more fun. If you jog with your partner or partner up for a yoga class, it can be fun to share the experience together. You can enjoy time together while focusing on your health—both are good for your heart!

3. You can challenge each other. You and your partner can have a friendly competition to keep you both motivated. See who can improve the most throughout a month’s time, or try pushing each other to test out new fitness equipment at the gym.

4. You can track progress together. Track how often you exercise, what you do and what progress you are making. See if you can improve each week by doing longer or more intense workouts. Consider using a tracking program like the Life Fitness Virtual Trainer App to help you share workouts with your partner, and improve together.

5. Coupled workouts can translate to healthier habits. If you are both doing the hard work for your physical health, you both will be more likely to eat healthy as well. When only one person in the relationship wants to eat healthy foods, it can make meal-planning a challenge. If you are both working toward a common goal for health and fitness, it’s more likely that you will both be on the same page when it comes to the nutrition side of the equation.

Thanks to Life Fitness for the tips! Do you partner up with your lov-ah to work out or do you go it solo? Are you working out or enjoying a glass of wine to celebrate today? —Erin

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