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She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not: Kristen vs. the Treadmill

All of this week, each FBG is focusing in on one aspect of working out and sharing what she loves and doesn’t love so much about it in this special “She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not” series as part of Love Yo’Self Week. Enjoy!

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Dear Treadmill,

I know we have a fairly complicated relationship. We’ve had our good times, but I think we’ve both said some things we don’t mean. I don’t believe for a second that you actually meant to tell me that my speedy sprint didn’t even break 8 mph. And so, I’m going to use a tried-and-true method to sort out my feelings for you—she loves me, she loves me not.

She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not: Treadmill Pros and Cons

She loves me: I love how you make all my stats super visible and easy to read.

She loves me not: I hate that I run and run and never get anywhere.

She loves me: I love the people watching.

She loves me not: I hate that the guy who just hopped on the treadmill next to me doesn’t believe in deodorant.

She loves me: I love being able to force myself to go faster with the touch of a button.

She loves me not: I hate that it’s easy to go slower with the touch of a button.

She loves me: I love having the ladies room and water fountain so handy.

She loves me not: I hate how easy it is for people to come up and try to chat with me. I can’t bust my ass and talk at the same time!

She loves me: I love the training games I can play using your buttons—I can run a certain speed for a very specific amount of time, and then drop a tenth of a mile per hour every 10 seconds. It’s so easy, and it keeps my pattern-loving brain occupied.

She loves me not: I hate that you won’t let me B.S. at all. Not on my time, not on my distance, not on my speed. Jerk.

She loves me: I love that you let me set goals. And also, that you give me props when I meet them. That’s cool.

She loves me not: I hate how I feel when I step off, like I’m walking fast but not really moving and also might fall over.

She loves me: I love that you’re always there. I can count on you when it’s dark, cold or rainy. I know you won’t let me down when I’m coming off an injury and don’t want to get too far away from my starting point. You’re at hotels when I travel and end up in sketchy neighborhoods, and for that, I’m grateful.

Okay, it’s true. I really do love you.

What’s your relationship like with the treadmill? What do you love and not love about it? —Kristen

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  1. Kat says:

    I enjoy the treadmill. But I am one of those people who suffers from vertigo after getting off of one. I’m dizzy and light-headed for about 10 minutes. The elliptical doesn’t do that to me, but I don’t like it as well.

  2. All good talking points regarding the good and bad news of treadmill running. I would also add the condition and model make of the treadmill. Best quality treadmills such as Woodway and Precor will give you the experience of floating/running on air. Old and lesser quality treadmills where the deck, suspension and belt are worn down, may actually cause acute and/or chronic orthopedic injuries.

  3. lifeisgood04 says:

    I love using the treadmill for circuit training. I do this at home…it wouldn’t be possible at my gym. I run for five minutes in between circuits. I can pause the treadmill for 10 minutes at a time while I do my circuit and jump back on and it continues to keep track as though I never jumped off. I get major ADD when I run for longer periods of time so these five minute runs are perfect! After four runs through of my circuit I’ve knocked out 20 minutes of running..I do 10 – 15 more to round it off.

  4. jennifer says:

    I hate the treadmill. I see it as a necessary evil living in a snowy climate, but almost always feel like I’m fighting myself every step of the way. It’s just so tedious and boring.

  5. Shannon says:

    I hate that speed on the treadmill doesn’t necessarily translate into speed outside.

  6. Sara Stanton says:

    I happen to love the treadmill, without I wouldn’t be able to run. I have three boys and a husband who goes to work at 5am. With the treadmill in my garage gym I can hop on, get my run in and shower all before I have to wake up my kids. Without it I wouldn’t be able to. Our nights are booked with sports and activities or just taking it easy with a nice dinner so having the treadmill handy is awesome. Plus, I have serious OCD so seeing the speed, numbers etc. if comforting to me. I know some say it is not real running on a treadmill but my sweat begs to differ!

  7. Millie A says:

    Love this article, cause it is so true. I feel the same way. I <3 the Treadmill, but I also hate it! But at the end, the <3 outweighs the hate…LOL

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