Tips From an Expert: Coping With Pelvic Pain During Pregnancy

Dealing with Pelvic Pain During Pregnancy

< Other factors that can increase vulnerability in the joint include inability to activate the front part of the pelvic floor, which would be supportive of that joint. Unfortunately, most women tend to activate the back of the pelvic floor, around the anus when they try to engage the pelvic floor. This is often accompanied with a glute squeeze, both of which tend to compress the back of the pelvis, which connects with two joints in the back—these two can get real angry, too!—opening and putting strain on the joint in the front. So women need to know how to engage the front of the pelvic floor to help support the joint. Here are some tips on finding the front of the pelvic floor:

Can’t see the video? Click here for tips on finding the front of the pelvic floor.

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  2. Shannon Stolarick says:

    Thanks for the article. The pain from SPD or GPD is unbelievable and seems like it’s not very easy to avoid. My doctor warned me it will not get better, but there are ways to learn the manage the condition. I’ve spent hours reading about the condition and different ways to manage. I have a 12 month old and I am 35 weeks pregnant, so while many of the tips aren’t conducive to my life (don’t lift, avoid stairs, don’t vaccum- these things are not avoidable with an almost walking toddler). I have found a few things that really do help. My husband cut a thick piece of plastic for me to put under my hips when I sleep and this has helped tremendously!! I laugh about how glamorous my third trimester of pregnancy has been sleeping on a garbage bag (not really but kinda). I can’t say enough about the relief. Other things are keeping your legs together and balancing your torso over your pelvis before walking. Getting rid of the sway back as often as possible has helped a lot too.