3 e-Cookbooks to Download: The 50 Best Recipes for Rice, Superfoods and Salads (with Recipes!)

Grab that e-cookbook and get to making dinner! Credit: mccun934

I’m far from being a foodie. I’m the kind of gal who worships Rachael Ray for giving the world 30-minute meals. I’m lazy in the kitchen, and I get really frustrated when a recipe calls for a hoity toity ingredient that can only be found in Timbuktu. Luckily, the kitchen gods took pity on me and sent me three new cookbooks—and all digital at that! With the all-powerful internet, I was able to download the different e-cookbooks to my eReader and start cooking up a storm.

I chose one recipe each from The 50 Best Superfood Recipes, The 50 Best Salad Recipes and The 50 Best Rice Cooker Recipes e-cookbooks. Each one was super-duper easy and scrumdiddlyumptious. I swear I got major sugar-free brownie points from the fella for cooking like a legit big kid.

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  1. I think a tablet or an ereader is the perfect device in the kitchen. I have a lot of recipes stored on my laptop, but my kitchen is big so it’s tough for my 17 inch laptop to be in there when I am trying to cook, I’m hoping to get a tablet soon that I can put on an acrylic shelf from a upper cabinet that can free up my minimal counter space for cooking. The rice and salad recipe looks fantastic!

  2. Love the salmon cakes recipes and never heard of using pecan flour! I also have a space issue but my small kitchen is great for barre work because the counters are so close to each other! Thanks for the info! Someday I will get an e-reader!