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Jenn’s Weekly Workout Routine

running rain

Although I don't run as much as I used to, I make sure to take the pup when I do! Even in the rain!

You’ve seen our gym bags, fridges and pantries. So for this round of Question of the Week, we’re talking about what our weekly workout routine is like!

Workout schedules are personal. Very personal. Over the years, I’ve tweaked mine to help me train to run a marathon, maintain my sanity, get stronger or simply feel good. As I’ve gotten older and my fitness journey has evolved, I’ve found that tweaks here and there to my workout schedule are essential. Changing things up keeps things fresh, allows me the flexibility to flow with the current pacing of my life, and it allows me to set new goals and go after them as my little heart desires.

While I’ve done the rigid training schedule thing before, I like to think of my workout schedule like I do my diet: your body knows what it needs if you listen to it. So while the below plan is what I usually do, I don’t have one ounce of guilt for missing a workout if my body is still really sore or I’m just plain run down. And on the off chance I have more energy on an off day and I feel like going for a run? Well, I go, gosh darnit! (And, oh, how happy my dog is on those days—even when it’s raining. See photo.)

Jenn’s Weekly Workout Routine

Monday: 5:30 a.m. workout at The Fit Pit  (CrossFit-style, high-intensity workout consisting of strength training, plyometrics and overall butt-kicking. The workouts are different every day so I NEVER get bored. Plus the peeps there are cool.)

Tuesday: 30-minute easy walk or jog with the dog, maybe 20 minutes of light yoga or stretching

Wednesday: 5:30 a.m. workout at The Fit Pit

Thursday: 30-minute easy walk or jog with the dog, maybe 20 minutes of light yoga or stretching (Lately, I’ve been working on my weight-lifting at the gym on Thursday evenings, focusing on doing dead lifts, squats and cleans. Talk about killer!)

Friday: 5:30 a.m. workout at The Fit Pit

Saturday: Workout DVD, run or recovery day

Sunday: Recovery day

Some weeks, depending on my schedule, I might only formally “work out” three times a week (plus dog walks). Other weeks, I’ll take just one day of rest. But, again, I always listen to my body and stay flexible with my plan. After all, I’m the boss of my own workouts, and I know my body best!

Does your workout schedule look like mine? Totally different? Do you even have a “schedule?” Tell me about it! —Jenn 

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