Jenn’s Weekly Workout Routine

running rain

Although I don't run as much as I used to, I make sure to take the pup when I do! Even in the rain!

You’ve seen our gym bags, fridges and pantries. So for this round of Question of the Week, we’re talking about what our weekly workout routine is like!

Workout schedules are personal. Very personal. Over the years, I’ve tweaked mine to help me train to run a marathon, maintain my sanity, get stronger or simply feel good. As I’ve gotten older and my fitness journey has evolved, I’ve found that tweaks here and there to my workout schedule are essential. Changing things up keeps things fresh, allows me the flexibility to flow with the current pacing of my life, and it allows me to set new goals and go after them as my little heart desires.

While I’ve done the rigid training schedule thing before, I like to think of my workout schedule like I do my diet: your body knows what it needs if you listen to it. So while the below plan is what I usually do, I don’t have one ounce of guilt for missing a workout if my body is still really sore or I’m just plain run down. And on the off chance I have more energy on an off day and I feel like going for a run? Well, I go, gosh darnit! (And, oh, how happy my dog is on those days—even when it’s raining. See photo.)

Jenn’s Weekly Workout Routine

Monday: 5:30 a.m. workout at The Fit Pit  (CrossFit-style, high-intensity workout consisting of strength training, plyometrics and overall butt-kicking. The workouts are different every day so I NEVER get bored. Plus the peeps there are cool.)

Tuesday: 30-minute easy walk or jog with the dog, maybe 20 minutes of light yoga or stretching

Wednesday: 5:30 a.m. workout at The Fit Pit

Thursday: 30-minute easy walk or jog with the dog, maybe 20 minutes of light yoga or stretching (Lately, I’ve been working on my weight-lifting at the gym on Thursday evenings, focusing on doing dead lifts, squats and cleans. Talk about killer!)

Friday: 5:30 a.m. workout at The Fit Pit

Saturday: Workout DVD, run or recovery day

Sunday: Recovery day

Some weeks, depending on my schedule, I might only formally “work out” three times a week (plus dog walks). Other weeks, I’ll take just one day of rest. But, again, I always listen to my body and stay flexible with my plan. After all, I’m the boss of my own workouts, and I know my body best!

Does your workout schedule look like mine? Totally different? Do you even have a “schedule?” Tell me about it! —Jenn 

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  1. Tanisha says:

    My workout schedule is Monday am 1 hour cardio 545am or (if I overslept) 1 hour cardio 9pm. Tuesday lunch weight training with 10 min cardio warmup and/or schedule permitting aerobics class 500pm-6pm. Wednesday 1 hour cardio. Thursday weight training during lunch hour and 30-45 min. cardio later that night. Friday 1 hour cardio. Sat. recovery or 6 mile run/walk at the lake. Sun recovery or cardio. This is my get into shape, live better and lower my cholesterol fitness plan.

  2. Michelle Thayer says:

    I definitely have a schedule, if I didn’t I probably wouldn’t stick with anything.

    Monday, 6:00 a.m.: 45-minute Spin class.
    Tuesday, 12:00 p.m.: 45-minute Spin class.
    Wednesday, 12:00 p.m.: 60-minutes Yoga class.
    Thursday, 12:00 p.m.: 45-minute Spin class.
    Friday, 6:00 a.m.: 60-minute Yoga class.
    Saturday, Sunday: Rest/Recovery

  3. courtney says:

    I just changed jobs, and this new place is awesome about making it easy for people to workout.

    Mon & Thurs I have a one hour group personal trainer session that is always on the books (and is free! what a perk, right?), so I never skip it. These are strength training sessions.

    Wednesday mornings I teach a 45 min spin class, so I never skip that unless I’m out of town. Wednesdays at lunch I’ve just started doing a 1 hour yoga class here at work.

    I try to work in a couple of 30-40 minute runs on other days of the week, and every other Saturday I teach a 60-90 min spin class. 🙂

    I do better with structure built in to my plan and day. Otherwise I tend to not make it happen. All of my scheduled stuff is with groups, which is nice for social and accountability reasons!

  4. I love seeing other people’s workout schedules!

    This week mine was:

    3/11- Walking/Free Weights (500 cals)
    3/12- Turbo Fire 45 EZ (900 cals)
    3/13- Walking/Jillian Week 1 (825 cals)
    3/14- Hike/Stairs at Park (930 cals)
    3/15- Turbo Fire 60 (1325 cals)

    I’ll get a walk or some fre weights in late.

  5. Linda says:

    Monday Wednwsday and Friday mornings at 6.15am is 45 mins to one hour of cardio DVD’s. Mostly CAthe Friedrich or Michelle Dozois peak fit.

    Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays is strength training DVD’s days. Usually around an hour of total body using weights and mostly advanced DVD’s for lifting…. my fave is STS total body.

    Then 6 days a week I also walk briskly with my dog for an hour.

  6. Gina says:

    I definitely have a routine:
    Mon – sculpt (all weights) 35 minutes and 15-20 cardio
    Tues – spin
    Wed – rest day
    Thurs – spin
    Fri – cardio
    Sat – cardio again and weights
    Sun – yoga

    I also try to throw in another yoga class during the week b/c it makes me so ohm!

  7. Ivori says:

    I sure do !

    Week 1: 30 minutes of jogging/walking on the treadmill everyday; 5 minute walk at 3.0 MPH, 5 minute jog at 4.0 MPH , 5 minute walk at 3.0 MPH, repeat.
    10 minutes of Abs – Bridal ABsession, everyday
    20 minutes of Lower Body 3 days
    20 minutes of Upper Body 2 days

    Week 2: 30 minutes of jogging/walking on the treadmill everyday; 5 minute walk at 3.0 MPH, 5 minute jog at 4.0 MPH , 5 minute walk at 3.0 MPH, repeat.
    10 minutes of Abs – Bridal ABsession, every day
    20 minutes of Upper Body 3 days
    20 minutes of Lower Body 2 days

    Week 3: Repeat Week 1
    Week 4: Repeat Week 2