KiraGrace: Workout Clothes to Make You Feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty

This is not me. But I dig that she has muscles.

All of the workouts I’ve been doing lately are either super intense (i.e. sweaty) or pretty casual. I might do a little yoga here or there, but most of the time it’s just stretching in front of the TV with my PJs on (hey, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it). This means that I rarely have the need to wear anything super pretty. For tanks, I just need something basic to keep the girls strapped in, and my bottoms are either basic running shorts or capris. Nothing fancy. And then KiraGrace came along. And got me feeling all Goddess-y.

I tried a few pieces from the new yoga brand’s The Goddess Collection—”a line of technical yoga gear designed to celebrate women’s beauty, strength and grace”—and well, it’s pretty. And fancy. With ruffles and ruching. And bright purple. And, well, I love it. It’s my dressed-up workout wear for events like this or when I do a full yoga DVD at home. Or, you know, when I want to walk around singing “I feel pretty, oh so pretty!” in my head. Which is a lot.

KiraGrace Goddess Yoga Halter

See? The back is sooo cute!

The KiraGrace Goddess Yoga Halter is super flattering and comfortable. Unlike other yoga halters, there’s not a lot of boob showing, there’s a decent built-in shelf bra (not sure you could be much larger than a C cup though), it’s nice and stretchy while still having shape, and it’s made of moisture-wicking fabric. While it’s far too frilly for me to wear to my gym, I certainly love wearing it and could easily go from workout to dinner. Even mildly fancy dinner. And the back? Oh my God, I love the back design. (Almost as much as I love fruit.)

KiraGrace Goddess Yoga Capri Legging

That's some goddess ruching right there, people.

And let’s talk about the KiraGrace Goddess Yoga Capri Legging, shall we? This technical yoga capri, has a low-rise waistband, fun yet subtle body contouring details, and a fit that’s a little bit compression up in the thigh and the leg yet a roomier fit for the calves (my large, strong calves appreciated this!). With flat-lock seaming to avoid chafing and help with moisture-wicking, I’ve found that these are high-tech enough to endure the sweatiest of workouts—even if it’s outside of the yoga studio. Oh, and like the halter, they have ruching around the calves. So, so, so fun.

So…price. Yeah, it’s not cheap to feel like a goddess. The yoga halter goes for $68 and the capris are $78, which is obviously out of many of our workout-clothes budgets (hellooo, Target). But, if you have the extra dough to spend or have a gift-worthy occasion coming up, it’s worth the cost. Because, really, can you put a price on feeling like a goddess?

Do you have any pieces that make you feel oh-so-pretty? Tell us about their goddess-promoting abilities! —Jenn

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  1. I love seeing all these beautiful workout clothes, it bums me out they are so expensive. Maybe some day.

  2. I love lululemon makes me feel better about my body which is worth it’s weight in gold!

  3. Anyone know of places to find comfortable tops for those of us who are larger on top? It’s a pain putting my sports bra on for a yoga class.

  4. So glad to see they ship internationally. I’ve been looking for nice tops to wear for yoga. I’m getting kind of sick having my shirt slide up to my face during downward dog.