Trying the New Starbucks Breakfast Wrap and Cake Pop

I’m a sucker for dark French-press coffee with just a splash of cream. Seeing that I’m also a sucker for a hot breakfast (goodness, I love breakfast food) and cake pops of any variety, when Starbucks asked if we’d like to try a few of its new offerings, I got my to-go cup ready and hit the ‘bucks. (And have you guys tried their Blonde blend? I’m a dark coffee lover, but that ish is smooth and good!)

starbucksStarbucks Chicken Sausage Breakfast Wrap

There are two things I really want in any breakfast: a headstart on my fruit and veggie count for the day and protein. Do that without a ridiculous amount of fat and calories, and I’m generally a happy camper. And this Starbucks Chicken Sausage Breakfast Wrap certainly meets that criteria. Egg whites, chicken sausage, fire-roasted zucchini, red peppers, yellow peppers and mushrooms are wrapped up in a wheat tortilla for 300 calories of tasty.

Although it’s high in sodium (700 milligrams), there’s 14 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber, making it a filling choice for breakfast on the go. It goes for just more than $3 in stores, making it just about the price of latte—but with so much more nutrition. This one tasted fresh, savory and is something I would definitely order again.

Starbucks Raspberry Truffle Cake Pop

You know when you want some decadent cake (the real stuff—not the diet kind), but it seems ridiculous to eat a whole piece, let alone buy or make a whole cake that will then sit in your kitchen and call your name 24/7? Well, cake pops, which are SUPER popular lately are pretty much the answer. Assuming you can eat just one of these Starbucks Raspberry Truffle Cake Pops, they are an awesome treat that absolutely fits in a Fit Bottomed lifestyle.

Made of thick and moist chocolate cake mixed with raspberry jam and buttercream icing, these Starbucks cake pops are then dipped in a dark chocolaty coating and finished with a dusting of raspberry powder and chocolate drizzle. At only 160 calories, it’s a rich couple bites of heaven. They go for $1.50 a pop. (Get it? Ha!) Yes, they have 8 grams of fat and 18 grams of sugar—but sometimes a girl needs a cake pop.

Do you do order more at Starbucks than just coffee? Ever tried this Starbucks wrap or cake pop? Tell us what your tastebuds thought! —Jenn


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  1. Love that chicken sausage wrap! I have to say I think I eat it at least two times a week. That and my skinny caramel macchiatto.

  2. I used to adore the Spinach Feta Breakfast wrap but they changed from using roasted red peppers to a red pepper paste and thus spoiled it for me. Will def be trying the chicken sausage wrap. Their oatmeal’s good too; Micky D’s apple-walnut-cinna oatmeal is better.

    But few can touch Starbuck’s for consistently great cappucinos.

  3. I tried the chicken sausage wrap the other day. I like wraps because they’re super easy on-the-go meals. Bought one last week at LAX to the Chicago Empower Fusion Fitness Convention (where I met Shaun T. in person who is a very nice and humble guy).

    My only beef (or should I say chicken…LOL) is the high sodium content. My hunch is that it comes from the chicken sausage. I am sure they could source a significantly lower sodium chicken sausage. Otherwise, not bad…