What’s Mostly on Your Workout Playlist?

workout playlist
Does your workout playlist have you moving like the King of Pop? Credit: lululemon athletica

We bared our gym bags for you, then our pantries and, just recently, we spilled the contents of our workout playlists—no editing of guilty pleasure songs allowed. While our playlists tend to be an eclectic mix of this, that and darn near everything in between, we want to know what the most popular type of music on your workout playlist is. Does country get you pounding the weights? Rock get you rocking those runs? Pop perk you up on the elliptical? Hip-hop make you move and groove? Truthfully, tell us!

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And truth be told, if you were to judge my personality by my workout playlist, you would think I’m a sexed-out, attention-grabbing wanna-be pop star who occasionally dresses like a hipster and writes long journal entries about being totally deep. Hmmm. Like there’s any truth to that…pssh!

How about you? What’s the most popular type of music on your workout playlist and what does it say about you? —Jenn

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  1. It’s not so much genre as it is a fast-paced theme to the music. The songs themselves bounce between pop, rock, country, indie (Ring Capacity by Kirbie Krackle is my power song…yes I am a nerd), and hip-hop/classical fusion. The only trait they all must share is a beat I have to be sprinting to keep up with.