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What’s on Tish’s Workout Playlist?

All of the FBGs swear by high-energy tunes to make their workouts the best they can be. So today’s Question of the Week is all about what’s on the iPod. And no editing or censoring allowed…


I’ve been working out with a trainer Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays, power-lifting and working muscles that never thought they could be bad-ass. With that being said, Tuesdays and Thursdays got lonely, so Mr. Trainer decided I should get back into my cardio groove…thus a new playlist was born! I run with my Nike + GPS on my iPhone, so I now rock that instead of my iPod on my arm. What this means for you? I once had 8 hours of music on my marathon-training playlist (just so I wouldn’t get bored). Now I have 11 hours. Makes a playlist even more fun, don’t ya think?

What’s on Tish’s Running Workout Playlist

1. (32:07) Quickly Weekend Mix, DJ X-Cell. I jacked this bad boy from the boyfriend. He teaches spin, so he has oodles of mixes to share with the world. I love this long mix solely for its hip-hop beats. Sometimes a girl just needs a strong beat on a run. For those days, I listen to Lil John scream “Shot! Shot! Shot! Shot!” and then Jon Bon Jovi steps in with a little “Shot through the heart!” It’s beautiful. My body needs that kind of jolt when I’m out for a run.

2. (3:26) 212, Azealia Banks featuring Lazy Jay. You don’t know how happy Jenn made me when I saw this song on her playlist. Yes, Azealia is a naughty minx, but she’s far from Lil Kim. Her lyrics are gangster and brilliant. It took me awhile to warm to the Harlem native, but you try listening and not getting that beat and hook stuck in your head.

3. (3:17) Sugarfoot, Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears. My runs need some funky soul. That is all. The sister-girl in me demands it. Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears were a Coachella 2011 find. Once I went Honeybear, I never went back.

4. (4:12) Dog Days Are Over, Florence + The Machine. It’s been played out I know, but I love the lyrics. Reminds me of “dog days” in college…workouts I never once did, but boy did I admire the bad asses who would wake up butt-crack early and head out to the stadium to get their bottom-muscle’s souls handed over to them on the pavement.

5. (4:25) Dancing On My Own, Robyn. Coachella 2011 kind of left its mark, I’m starting to gather. Robyn was there…rocking it out in a tent. I change the lyrics of this song to “running on my own,” and it totally works. I do a lot of weird things when I run. This is pretty tame, actually.

6. (3:58) I Need, Maverick Sabre. Oh, is this a sexy good running song! It starts with him needing sunshine and blue skies—all things needed for an amazing run.

7. (2:37) Raggamuffin, Selah Sue. Selah Sue is my new favorite voice. She’s edgy, raw and fun. I like women with something biting they want to get off their chest. Reminds me of thorns in my own side. And when I think of the thorns, my running is pushed to new levels. How that happens I don’t know, but whatever works!

8. (4:23) Send Me On My Way, Rusted Root. I’ve loved this song for years. It’s the theme song for a kid’s movie I live for called Matilda. She’s a kick-butt little girl who loves to learn. Reminds me of happy things. Good for the endorphins that send me on my way!

9. (4:14) Fat Bottomed Girls, Queen. We used this song (of course!) for the AT&T event we hosted a while back, and ever since then, I’ve just found it popping up in all of my playlists. When Freddie Mercury gets grimy and tiger-like, I put up the hoodie, put my head down and get grimy with the pavement.

10. (4:00) Gangsta, Tune-Yards. So, I should rename this playlist from “Run Foo” to “Gangsta Running.” I like sassy songs, and this sassy tune has “gangsta” written all over it. (Helps that it also appears in the lyrics.) Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

I’m proud of me for managing to add some new flavor in the running-workout-playlist mix. I swear when I’m in my car, I listen to the same two albums over and over again. When I fall in love with a song or album, it takes an act of God to knock it out of my rotation.

Do you have any new workout tunes, or do you find yourself remaining loyal to certain running jams? —Tish

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