Who’s Your Favorite Fit Bottomed Dude?

Bob Harper is definitely a Fit Bottomed Dude we like to flex our muscles with. (And, yes, that's FBG Tish.)

If we’ve learned anything this week, in which we’ve done nothing but write for Fit Bottomed Dudes, it’s that we love men. They’re funnyencouraging, witty, dedicated, sweet, inspirationalhard-core and everything in between. Just like FBGs, Fit Bottomed Dudes come in all shapes and sizes, and we love ’em all. That said, we thought it might be fun to put it to a poll. Who is your favorite FBD of all? (And these were just the first fit trainers/experts that came to our mind…)

Can’t see the poll? Click  here to tell us about your favorite Fit Bottomed Dude

I chose the last answer as I’m partial to my husband—especially after he wrote this last year. But, please, elaborate on your answer or write-in candidate in the comments below! Tell us why you love Fit Bottomed Dudes, too! —Jenn 


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  1. I’m writing in Shaun T. for his Insanity, Asylum, Hip Hop Abs workouts. He is truly my favorite Fit Bottemed Dude. 😉