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Finally, Ear Buds That Fit

ear bud reviewI’ve had trouble for a long time finding ear buds that fit my “freakishly small ears.” I thought I’d found the perfect pair, but even those were a limited-time-only deal; they eventually started falling out of my ears, too. I recently received two different brands in the mail to try, and on my never-ending ear bud quest (looking for that ear BFF), I just had to try them. Did I find true love? Read on…

dB Logic EP-100 Earphones

Skeptical as always, the dB Logic EP-100 ear buds made me a believer that there is a match out there for my ears. Boasting technology that protects your ears as you listen by limiting sound waves to 85 decibels, these little guys not only stayed in my ears but they won’t ruin my hearing either. Bonus.

At $34.95 they won’t break the bank, and the three size options for the silicone rubber eartips let you customize your fit. Have I mentioned that they haven’t fallen out of my ears? God bless America.

Aerial7 NEO Slurpee Ear Buds

aerial7neoslurpeeWith the same “double dome” ear gels of the previous pair, Aerial7’s NEO Slurpee ear buds were also a hit. A bit pricier at $55, these buds come with three sizes of the ear gels AND a pair of memory foam tips for the ultimate in ear-size customization. The braided cables look pretty rad, too.

I don’t have super discriminating tastes as far as sound-quality goes, but I do think the Slurpees came out on top here, maybe justifying the more expensive cost for those who really care about that. Most importantly though, these didn’t fall out either. Plus, they come with a cute leather carrying case.

Overall? The hard-to-fit ear will be happy with either of these pairs of buds. If you’re into sound quality over your heavy breathing during a run, the Slurpees may be your best bet. If you’re on a budget, you can’t go wrong with dB Logic!

Do you have hard-to-fit ears? What is your solution? —Erin


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