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Green Gyms Are Making a Huge Impact on the Environment

Why are all of the FBGs discussing green fitness stuff this week? Because it’s Fit Bottomed Earth Week, silly!


Gyms are a great place to burn off a some pent up energy. Hop onto a bike or crank up a treadmill and the stress and anxiety of the day just melt away. But have you ever thought, “Where does it all go?” You may not be concerned as long as those burned calories are no longer around your waist, but that doesn’t mean we should waste it.

The fact of the matter is, you are burning and releasing energy every time you exercise. You get all hot and sweaty because your body literally heats up like the coal fire in a train, burning calories for your body to use as fuel during your workouts.

Most gyms use huge amounts of electricity and water. Just look around your gym and see how many machines, TVs, fans, stereos and lights are in use at your gym and never get unplugged or turned off, even when the gym is closed. For example, the average stationary bike only uses 10 percent of the electricity needed to run the machine. The remaining 90 percent is wasted in the form of heat.

That’s a lot of wasted energy, just dissipating into the air. If we could harness that energy, and use it to power, say, the gym itself, it would eliminate the need for a lot of the electricity gyms need to run their business. Turns out, many gyms are already going green and implementing practices to not only cut down their operating costs, but also help out the environment.

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