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Let’s Talk About the Hard Stuff: National Infertility Awareness Week

Infertility is one of those things that isn’t easy to talk about. If you’re dealing with it, it can be embarrassing, depressing, stressful and incredibly lonely—if you let it. And, in our opinion, all of these negative feelings are only made worse when we keep them bottled up inside, hidden from the world. Not to mention that the world could use a good dose of real information on infertility and a crash course in etiquette—but I’m getting ahead of myself. Because this entire week, we’re recognizing Infertility Awareness Week, a nationwide campaign intended to educate the public about infertility and the concerns of the infertility community.

This year’s theme is “Don’t Ignore Infertility,” which is exactly what we’re going to do. Over the next few days, we’ll separate fact from fiction when it comes to fertility, we’ll share some things you shouldn’t say to someone who’s having trouble getting pregnant, detail a few common infertility diagnoses and treatments, highlight our favorite infertility blogs and resources, and share a personal story of hope from one of our favorite super-fit women.

As I’ve openly discussed here on FBM, hearing the “I” word can be really scary. And going through fertility treatments can be equally stress-inducing. But the more we talk about it and the less we try to sweep it under the rug or pretend that it’s not happening (and suffer in silence), the better. So whether you’re a mom, a mom-to-be or are struggling with fertility yourself in one way or another (or are simply trying to support someone in your life who is going through it), read on.

The topic isn’t easy, but it’s important. —Jenn


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