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A Coachella 2012 Playlist With an FBG Spin

Coachella gals prepared for jams!

Recently Jenn shared the healthy choices she made while battling the heat at the Coachella music festival. It’s great having Fit Bottomed Girls in your midst to keep you from devouring every funnel cake in sight. Jenn was the responsible one who prevented our stomachs from catching a mean case of the bubble guts. That left me free to take notes on the music that would make for some excellent workout songs if you’re in the mood for some new tunes. (Now you know I’d be jamming, stop and take mental notes of what songs could go on my running playlist. FBG is permanently stamped in the brain, folks!)

Coachella 2012 Workout Music Favorites

(3:33) Creator, Santigold: Funny, but I used to be scared of Santigold. Something about her gold leotard and dance-spastic movements reminded me of Clockwork Orange— and that movie terrifies me. Lucky for me, I was fortunate enough to get dragged to her set on Saturday, and the chick was amazing. She was sans scary leotard and rocking some major fun beats. Irony: This song makes me want to run in spastic ways, which would surely scare others around me.

(2:13) Here We Go Again, The Hives: The Hives were so energetic and fun at Coachella 2012! They got up on that stage and rocked out. They had us gals jumping up and down like happy banshees. I love music that inspires cardio like this song does!

(3:13) Killa, Tune-Yards: I love Merrill Garbus with all my heart. She’s just so eclectic and new. I can guarantee you’ve never heard this sound before. If you’re looking for super-duper new, I recommend this band.

(4:45) Play Your Part, Girl Talk: Girl Talk consisted of one dude mixing awesome tunage on stage. Out of all the bands, I danced my hardest and longest to his sets. It’s impossible not to feel the happiness surging through your veins when his records start to spin. He combines 80s pop, lots of hip hop, rock and a bazillion tablespoons of awesome! Get ready for this music to move you. Even on your laziest day.

(3:12) No Pause, Girl Talk: Yeah, I did it. I put two of his mixes on this because he was just that fun. Mixes are always good for playlists anyway…especially if your body and mind are A.D.D. like me when it comes to working out. It’s really hard for me not to skip to the next song if my workout is getting harder. Keep the beat changing, and my body is happy.

(4:04) Midnight City, M83: One of the gals from our Coachella group deemed this song our 2012 Coachella anthem. Now it pretty much symbolizes all things energetic, fun and new. Only right I share it with y’all.

(3:11) Eyes Wide Open, Gotye: Everyone’s a fan of Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know.” It was so popular in fact, people kept screaming during his set, “Play the song we know!” The dude has mad skills though, so I thought I’d help the world by sharing even more of his coolness. I give thee to you with…eyes wide open.

Were you able to attend Coachella this year (or last?), or did you get your hands on some tasty tunes of folks you knew would be performing? I saw many bands, but my ears will always welcome more jams. Please share! —Tish

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