A Marathon Commercial Worth Watching

Besides the fact that I really enjoy that Honda has a car called the “Fit,” (yep, that marketing worked on me!), I’ve never really paid much attention to cars—let alone car commercials. Just give me a reliable car that gets good gas mileage and doesn’t look atrocious, and I’m okay with it. But when Honda released this marathon commercial? Well, I just loved it. LOVED it. See what you think…

Great, right? I love that a) it captures how you actually can’t walk right after running a marathon and b) the sense of accomplishment—even after coming in way later than everyone else. It may not be as funny as this hilarious marathon video, but it takes a close second in my opinion.

Do you have any commercials that speak to you—car or otherwise? Any other funny running videos? Share them in the comments! —Jenn


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  1. it is a cute spot but it has always concerned me that she seems to be the last one left! My favorite marathon commercial is by Flora from the 2007 London Marathon…search YouTube for After the marathon. It’s a classic!

  2. I love this commercial! when I first saw it I immediately remembered how I felt after running The Princess at Disney. So Sore but so amazed at myself that I actually did it!