Canyon Ranch: Strong & Sculpted Workout DVD Review

Canyon RanchIf you know and love fitness like I do, then the words Canyon Ranch may make you melt. Canyon Ranch is a dream getaway for every Fit Bottomed Girl who wants an experience full of healthy eating, fitness, overall wellness and, of course, spa treatments—I’m sore here, here and here…ahh much better. Unfortunately, not all of us can afford this luxurious getaway, so the team at the Ranch put together a workout DVD, Canyon Ranch: Strong and Sculpted, to allow all of us busy bodies to get a taste of the Canyon state of mind and way of life in the comfort of our own homes.

Canyon Ranch: Strong and Sculpted has three 20-minute workouts and a bunch of exciting bonus features that are great for beginners. The three workouts take place at the beautiful Tuscon Canyon Ranch and include the segments Yoga, Strength Training and Core.


If you are looking for a centering and spiritual yoga session, this isn’t the one for you (this one might be though!). The yoga workout on this disc isn’t focused on relaxation and meditation, instead it keeps you moving from one pose to the next. The teacher wasn’t very energetic, but will lead you from plank to mountain to lunge to Warrior I and to swan dive…over and over again.

Strength Training

The focus of this segment at Canyon Ranch is on muscular strength and endurance. The workout, which is led by the same woman who taught yoga, is well-rounded and hits every body part. There are not many modifications, except the option of doing all of the exercises without holding weights. Because of this—and because you do tons of squats and lunges to keep your heart pumping throughout the DVD—I would caution those with any previous or present knee injuries to take it slow and listen to your body in this section. In addition to leg work, the Strength Training section also includes side lunges with a lateral raise, bicep curls with curtsy lunges, a plank with a row, push-ups and glute bridges—my legs burned!


Core—the center of your body, and what keeps you strong. A good core keeps your lower back protected and is always engaged in every activity of our daily life, so I love working it! With combinations of burpees, planks, Russian twists and lots of arm-figure-eights, this teacher has the personality and excitement to keep you motivated and working hard.

Once you’re done breaking a sweat, the also DVD includes cool bonus features such as keys to success, how to cook with superfoods and how to keep healthy joints. I am looking forward to trying the Canyon Ranch’s recipe for salmon topped with mango-blueberry salsa—YUM!

Now if only the DVD came with a day at the spa! I don’t think this DVD is a good example of everything Canyon Ranch has to offer, so I guess I’ll be booking my trip to the ranch sooner than later…

FBG Rating (Out of 5):
Instruction: ★★★★
Long-Term Likeability: ★★
Music: ★★
Fun Factor: ★★
Meets Expectations: ★★
Overall: ★★1/2

Fit Bottomed Line: Best for beginners without knee issues, Canyon Ranch Strong & Sculpted isn’t as good as actually going to Canyon Ranch, but it will give you a pretty good yoga, strength training and core workout in a short amount of time. 

Have you ever been to Canyon Ranch? If so, color me jealous. But also intrigued—tell me what it was like! —Raquel


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