Fill in the Blank: I Knew I Was an FBG When ________.

This was the original image for FBG! You know, back in the day.

This post is part of our FBG Birthday Week celebration! Check out all of the special four-year birthday posts and huge giveaways here!

Last year for our birthday, we shared our thoughts and yours on what it means to be a Fit Bottomed Girl. We also gave a top-10 list of signs that you might be an FBG. This year, we thought we’d mix it up with a fun, interactive fill in the blank. So, we hit up our Facebook page and Twitter to ask readers to complete this phrase: “I knew I was an FBG when ____.” The answers? Simply awesome, hilarious and touching.

From Our Facebook Friends

Steve-Becky Kimball: I turned down homemade peanut butter fudge!

Ginger Giannoni: When I achieved my fitness goals and crossed my first finish line.

Fit and Healthy with Beth: You don’t want to eat the junk even though you could!

Hardcoremama Fitness with Maria Cappa: People genuinely look shocked to learn my age.

Heather Bosworth Hoe: I lost 100 lbs in a year and ran my first 10K after only trying running 9 months earlier. 🙂

Christian Flamboyant Dart: When I looked in the mirror!

Julia Van de Ven: When dedicating 4% (1 hour) of my day to my fitness became a routine.

Shannon Colavecchio: I embraced my ‘junk in the trunk’ for the muscles, and how those muscles power me through burpees, jump squats, long cycling climbs, TRX one-legged squats, etc. 🙂

Johanna Lozano: I started keeping a Swiffer by my workout gear to mop up the sweat that soaked the floor every morning.

Rachel Kutskill: My client’s sister said “I’ll train with you if you can make my butt look like yours!”

Michelle L Thayer: Ran 2.5 miles without breaking a sweat!

Rachel Ailin: I finished my first obstacle race!

Sara Brown: When I fit into a size 2 for the first time since 8th grade! 🙂

From Our Twitter Friends

@tina2086: I wake up earlier than I need to just so I can work out before work.

@MaryJaneSparrow: I started liking to work out.

@gretajacobson: When I baked kale chips for a snack!

@headhaunchos: When my knees quit buckling while trying to squat.

@RoboLikes: When I was more excited for a new pair of sneakers than a new pair of heels 😀

@Hungry_Runner: I knew I was a FBG the day I admitted that I actually LIKE to run!

@rafdarrow: I knew I was a FBG when I rocked the 100 push-up challenge with @denisermt a couple yrs ago!

@Fight4Wellness: I knew I was an FBG when I opted to wear pants rather than a skirt to work to make my midday plank more appropriate.

@JeanneMallory: I put on the pants I bought for inspiration & they were loose in the waist & across my newly fit bottom!

@OnTheGoCooking: I knew I was a FBG when I noticed my butt was back up where it should be! 🙂

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, we love you guys. So proud of your fit bottomedness! —Jenn


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  1. I had to get a tetnus shot at the ER after I crashed my mountain bike. The ER tech on duty had to give me a shot in the butt. Afterwards, he told one of the doctors on staff the story about how this “ripped” girl came in all tore up from a crash and when he rolled her over, she was ripped on the back side too! I just happened to know this doctor and she relayed the story to me while laughing