Friday Giveaway: Reebok Fitness Watch and Digital Pedometer

This giveaway is part of our FBG Birthday Week celebration! Check out all of the special four-year birthday posts and huge giveaways here!

Today’s FBG birthday giveaway is for the fitness tech-lovers out there who love to track their every step—literally! One lucky U.S. reader will win both the Reebok inShape Fitness Watch and the Reebok inColor Digital Pedometer, two amazing tools that can help you take your fitness to the next level.

The Reebok inShape Fitness Watch ($79.99) tracks your every step, kick, jump and skip right from your wrist. InShape features a calorie-burn monitor, speed, distance and step tracking and accurately tracks total time in motion while a speed monitor keeps you on pace. The Reebok inColor Digital Pedometer ($39.99) is the first-ever pedometer that has a color changing LED screen! Not only do you have the freedom to select the display color of your choice, but you can also use its “Pace Assist Technology,” which changes LED colors to visually keep you on your goal pace. Features also include a customized color display with four LED choices, speed, distance and step tracking and pace assist to keep you on track. They both rock.

To win these birthday goodies, we’re sending you on a bit of a scavenger hunt on the site. Hehe. Tell us in the comments what one of the “common themes” are on FBG. Hint: they are found in an old post….We’ll select one random right answer in about a week to win! G’luck! —Jenn


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  1. If I won this I could watch every step I took toward a fitter bottomed me,
    what a nifty thing that would be!!

  2. What I keep reading a fully, healthy balanced lifestyle. That’s the FBG way right? Oh, and keeping a lid on the junk in the trunk! 😉

  3. The original welcome post says that “Any exercise is good exercise.” But I think that FBG’s themes emphasize keeping exercise fun and practicing moderation. Happy birthday!

  4. all good things in moderation 🙂 I try to live by that. since finding this website, it’s been a lot easier!

  5. All things in moderation! What a fun little scavenger hunt – thanks for the great blogging!

  6. Living a healthy balance life.

    Moderation-I remember the chocolate craving-Erin’s blog.

  7. A common theme I see is “everything in moderation” so I guess that means my afternoon sweet tart jelly beans are okay?! As long as I stop now at least.

  8. “Any exercise is good exercise.” I live by this motto! Whether it’s cleaning the house, bike riding w/ my kiddos or spending “quality time” w/ my FitBottomed Dude… it counts as a form of exercise to me! Of course I do enjoy a little me time every once in awhile too and those Birthday Goodies would sure make my runs that much more fun!

  9. All things in moderation! Helps keep perspective and not feel guilty about occasional overindulgence. 🙂 Keep up the awesomeness, ladies!

  10. The common theme I see is giving advice/ tips on things tried and things you think are good ideas!

  11. All good things in moderation! A mantra I repeat over and over when faced with birthday cake. Or ice cream. Or a buffet. Or … just whatever looks good to me

  12. Fit Bottomed Girls are REAL girls, not gladiators and they use exercise that they ENJOY with the occasional treat to keep a lid on the junk in the trunk

  13. Oh I love the Reebok pedometer! So cute! Well I’ve been with FBGs (Jenn & Erin originally) for quite a few years and I think Jenn’s personal mantra that I read once in an article was “All good things in moderation” so I’ll go with that.

    I always think of Queen’s Fat Bottomed Girls to this day when reading the title Fit Bottomed Girls–great name for the site. Here’s to many more b-days!

  14. Thanks so much for the giveaway! I think maintaining balance in all areas of your life is a common theme. 🙂

  15. Balance and everything in moderation are the post type ones, but I think awesome and amazeovaries (because you’re chicks, not dudes, so no balls) would also be a constantly running theme all over this site. 😉

  16. Everything in moderation! I replaced the battery in my watch, but right before my half marathon it died on me, so a new watch would be fantastic!

  17. Everything in Moderation! And also that “Fit Bottoms come in all shapes and sizes”!

    These look like cool products and I have been looking for a good pedometer now that I live in a walkable city.

  18. Skinny doesn’t necessarily mean fit or healthy. Fit Bottom Girls can come in different shapes and sizes.

  19. Any exercise is good exercise (or what I like to call “just DO something, already!” 🙂

  20. Our lucky winner is comment #57, Shila! Congrats! Emailing you now for your mailing address. 🙂

    –FBG Jenn