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Is the Shock Absorber Sports Bra Worth the High Price Tag?

Credit: Shock Absorber

Fact: I do not want tube socks for breasts.

Fact: I do a lot of high impact activity—running, jumping, dancing, etc.

Fact: If I do not wear a good sports bra, I’ll be tucking my boobs into my belt before you know it.

Here’s the thing—I’m not particularly big busted, but there’s enough there to require real support. A sports bra that just squishes everything down doesn’t quite cut it, you know? So, when I was offered a chance to try a Shock Absorber sports bra, I jumped. Which only exacerbated my need for a good sports bra.

I received the Shock Absorber Running Bra, and first off, I noticed it had a couple of different places for adjustment. I always consider this a good sign because it means it’s truly designed to fit snugly—if the material is so stretchy that it will accommodate a range of sizes, that doesn’t bode well for your support. The fact that this was adjustable both at the band and in the straps had me feeling optimistic.

I was a little less optimistic when I put it on. It felt good and snug, but there were a few spots that felt like they might rub. But, I’m not one to tiptoe into a review, so this was a trial by fire. Well, by trail, anyway.

A 10-mile trail run came and went, and while many things were sore at the end of it—my ankles, my knees, my quads—my breasts felt fine. And that’s not normally the case after a long and bouncy escapade. Even better, there was absolutely no chafing. Zero. Zilch. Nada. This bra didn’t just do the job. It was total perfection.

The only downside? Well, I’ve had friends tell me that you get what you pay for in a sports bra, but I’ve always thought they were just trying to justify expensive purchases, or that it was only really necessary for bigger breasted women. Now, I’m a convert. At $79, this is not an inexpensive bra. Hell, I’ve paid less for entire outfits. But I can’t argue that it’s worth every penny. And so are my breasts.

Do you spend big money on sports bras? What’s your favorite bra, and why? —Kristen

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  1. I’ve been know to wear 2 sports bras for a plyometrics session so a great bra makes me happy. I’ve been using the Moving Comfort bras forever and they hook X 3 in the back plus a Velcro shoulder strap that’s super comfy. They are my “everyday” and workout bras. They cost about $45-50 so I’d be willing to spend $79 if it kept my girls in better shape 🙂
    Thanks & love reading your posts!!

  2. Melissa says:

    I agree with CoachKimmie. Moving Comfort is a great bra. I am a full D cup and use the Maia everyday for my workouts. The new Maia was redesigned to include adjustable shoulder straps similar to a regular bra. The band is also adjustable. What’s nice is that it also has actual cups with an underwire, which is hardly noticeable (no poking) and provides great support. I spend about $40, which is far more reasonable than $79.

  3. hakirby says:

    It’s how much?! It’s about £40 in the UK. (XE.com tells me 79 is £48). it’s definitely a dear bra, but it’s not horrible in price. Bloody worth it though.

  4. Kelcie says:

    $79? For my size A bubbies? I really think not, lol.

  5. Jame says:

    Well I only have a few choices for sports bras at H cup. But I ordered a Shock Absorber from Very.com for $36!!!! I was so excited, that I just need to tell everyone to shop there.

    (Normal bras for me cost $50-70 anyway, so that just feels like a normal price to me)

    Check it out:

    Not a ton of options but who cares, it is way cheaper than everywhere else!

  6. Nancy Z says:

    I have to be budget conscious unfortunately but I go about getting a good quality sports bra a different way. Most running stores have a clearance rack (or in the case of my store a clearance box). It is also how I go about getting my running clothes. The only time I am willing to spend a ton of money is on running shoes because without a good running shoe, you will be in pain. I have several really good sports bras that I got that way and only spent about $20 each. Another option is going to stores like Marshall’s and TJ Maxx and Ross. The only reason I don’t usually go there though is because sometimes the reason they are there is there is a flaw of some sort in the design. The ones on clearance at the sports stores are usually there because they are for last season’s model or they are getting new stock or something.

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