Must-Read Posts from the Past Year

Find a comfy spot and read these posts! Cat optional. Credit: Veronica Belmont

This post is part of our FBG Birthday Week celebration! Check out all of the special four-year birthday posts and huge giveaways here!

Each year we seem to write more and more…which is awesome because, can you really ever have too many reviews or motivational posts? We think not. But, when it comes time to put together our annual list of your and our favorite posts, well, it makes it a bit more challenging. (You know, life is hard, spending the day reading the interwebs. Woe is me!) But, after looking at our traffic trends and toiling over what posts we FBGs loved the most (we do love them all!), we came up with the below top 10s. Enjoy the stellar reads!

Your Top 10 Favorite Posts

1. Weight-Loss Supplements…Why, Bob, Why? We adore Bob, but this post caused quite the stir with readers.

2. Best Songs of 2011 Playlist! Ya’ll love the good tunes, and who could blame you? This workout playlist is filled with nothing but awesome ones!

3. Review: The Nautilus CoreBody Reformer. This piece of equipment takes fusion workouts to the next level, and our thoughts on it were one of the most read reviews on the site in the past year!

4. How to Become a Runner, One Step at a Time. This empowering post is all about becoming a runner. And from its popularity, you all should be runners now. YAY!

5. We Try It: Zumba Exhilarate Workout DVD Set. Zumba plus resistance work at home? We dug it. And you did, too!

6. Review: Jillian Michael’s Extreme Shed & Shred. It wouldn’t be a top 10 without Jillian, would it? This workout DVD got our top rating: five stars!

7. 10 Songs to Add to Your Running Playlist, Like Now. This running playlist reinvigorated iPods and workouts around the world!

8. 5 Must-Buy Foods at Trader Joe’s (And a Slight Obsession). The fact that you love this post as much as we love TJ’s? Well, it’s just beautiful.

9. We Try It: Billy Blank’s PT 24/7 Workout DVD System. Lovin’ all the Billy Blanks and Tae Bo fans in the house!

10. And the Biggest Loser Is…Girl Power. Another The Biggest Loser post! Oh, how we long for another season that was as good as this one!

birthdayOur Top 10 Favorite Posts

1. The (Fitness) Truth Will Set You Free. Okay, so we’re cheating in that a whole SERIES of posts is No. 1, but seriously. We love how empowering this concept was for everyone.

2. Sh*t Fit Bottomed Girls Say…Yes, We Made the Video. We had so much fun making this video and still quote it quite often. We’re dorks. (And be sure to watch until the VERY end. There’s a special scene!)

3. A Message From Men to Women: You Are Perfect As You Are. A must-read and re-read…and re-read…and re-read.

4. What’s Your Normal? This was one of those posts that had been bopping around in FBG Kristen’s brain for months and came out beautifully. And talk about great feedback!

5. The Health Spiral. Yes, it’s easy to get off track, but FBG Erin makes a case that it’s also easy to snowball your healthy habits when they’re rolling!

6. Learning From My Detox Disaster. We love FBG Tish’s whole detox series because it emphasizes to do what works for you!

7. The Facts on Food Cravings: When to Resist and When to Give in. We love the real advice and facts in this post. Because, like Kelly says in the intro, craving chocolate and eating a piece of fruit instead isn’t really a fair swap.

8. Here Come the War Wounds (and They’re Embarrassing!). Because, really, who gets to legitimately write about ass chafing? We do!

9. Taking My Green Smoothies to the Next Level—the Vitamix Level. Yes, you can be super passionate about anything, even a blender.

10. She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not. Another series, but proof that sometimes what you don’t think you like is actually what you love.

Now it’s time for you to weigh-in! What was YOUR favorite post from the last year? And what posts do you want to see on next year’s list? Now taking suggestions… —Jenn


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