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My Most Embarrassing Fitness Moment: Kristen vs. Herself

Kristen basketball player

Perhaps I should consider this picture my most embarrassing moment. Ten was a rough age. Credit: FBG Kristen's mom

For this edition of Question of the Week, each FBG is recounting her most embarrassing moment when it comes to working out. Buckle up…these should be fun!

I’m far from the most graceful person you’ve ever seen, but, like Tish, I have a very healthy sense of humor and can laugh off…well, pretty much anything. I’m a firm believer that the act of doing something good for yourself (like working out) makes you immune from non-constructive criticism. So, this assignment, to share my most embarrassing fitness moment? It’s a toughie. I just don’t get embarrassed. I’ve passed gas on the bike, had to stop to pee in the woods while running, tumbled down a hill rollerblading (and, like Jenn, had someone pull over to make sure I was alright), tripped while trail running, had dog poo fly off my shoe on the treadmill … and none of it fazes me.

That wasn’t always the case. You see, I’m a heavy sweater, especially on my head. This has been the case since I was a small child, and was definitely true the summer after sixth grade, when I was at one of those all-important boy-girl parties. While some of the girls were flirting with or even (gasp!) kissing boys, I was playing basketball with them.

Before I knew what was happening, my hair (which was already seriously on the thin side) was drenched with sweat. I broke away from the game, thinking I’d run inside to dry my hair off—it was the early ’90s, so every bathroom had a hair dryer, but before I could get there, a group of kids stopped me and asked when I’d gone swimming. I have no idea what I replied, but I can only imagine how red my face was.

I can’t tell you how much I hate that that 12-year-old Kristen was so embarrassed by something that was totally natural and entirely out of my control. However, I was also embarrassed that my leg muscles were bigger than all my friends and that you could see the muscle tone in my arms. Today, those are some of the things that make me, me.

I’m still a sweaty lady—I tend to skip right over “glow” and straight to “beaded with sweat.” But you know, that’s okay with me. It took me a while to make peace with it, but aside from the fact that I can’t wear much silk in the summer, it’s just not that big of a deal.

Now, if we ever have a chance to share some of our friends’ embarrassing fitness stories, oooh, do I have a couple of doozies for you! In the meantime, though, be sure to let me know about some of your embarrassing tales. Or, are you like me and nothing makes you blush while working out? —Kristen

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  1. Tish says:

    I’ve always been jealous of sweaters! Good detox action happening there! Love the side ponytail BTW 😉

  2. Vicki says:

    I’m a sweater too. I used to wear leggings that were mostly cotton for workouts. It was an awful sight to see the darkened areas as though I’d wet myself. A male friend commented how ‘fertile’ I looked. Insert ‘redface’ emoticon. It was not a compliment and probably the wrong word choice, but I bought wicking workout gear after that.

  3. Melissa says:

    I’m a sweater, also, but I just have agree with Tish – dude, I’m digging that retro side ponytail.

  4. Heidi Willow says:

    I’m a moderate sweater but it builds up fast and then I have sweat dripping everywhere. Thanks for the great story.

  5. Fitz says:

    I don’t sweat much, but I have punched myself in the face a few times. Mostly – I’m really going to have a happier day because of your side ponytail. Dying here. Thank you.

  6. So this actually happened recently. Like, a few months ago.

    I went to a new yoga studio and the woman told me the ladies’ locker room was…wherever it was. I clearly wasn’t paying attention because I ended up using the mens’ room (I did kind of wonder why no other ladies were in there, but obviously not enough to think that maybe I was in the mens’ room.)

    After class, I went in there to grab my stuff and a man was hovering outside the door (curtain, really) when I walked out. Luckily, he’d surveyed the yoga room and realized he was the only male there, ergo, the person whose stuff was in the mens’ locker room must have been one of us ladies’, so he waited before going in there after class.

    When he came in and told me it was the mens’ room, I was like, Oh HAHAHA I cannot read! and then I grabbed my stuff and got the hell out of there.

    Now it doesn’t seem so bad, but, you know, I still go to this yoga studio and I am a grown-ass lady who CAN in fact read, so it’s just kind of funny. And also sad. Mostly funny.

  7. Diana says:

    I really appreciated your story about the heavy sweater syndrome. As a heavy sweater with thin hair haven’t let the did you just shower or get in the pool questions stopped me from giving 100% effort every time. Again, thankful for sweat wicking gear even though it’s usually dripping wet by the end of my workouts. I’m still trying to own being the sweatiest person in the room, but I won’t stop going to the classes. Thanks for sharing this story.

  8. Jen says:

    Oh wow. I can’t wear silk ever.

    I wish I had more confidence. I get really embarrassed while working out. It’s strange, because I’m not easily embarrassed any other time, but for some reason EVERYTHING about working out makes me feel stupid. It’s the reason I don’t go to the gym and do all workouts at home or go running so early in the morning that no one sees me!

    Maybe some day I’ll feel less silly about simply exercising. Maybe some day.

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