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Summer Spot-Toning Playlist

woman in bikini

Are you beach ready? With this summer playlist you are! Credit: luvandkiwi, Instagram

If you didn’t already find yourself in a bathing suit over Memorial Day weekend, well, let me break it to you. Swimsuit season is already underway, and you should feel good about strutting that fit bottom in a bikini. Or sporting a super trendy cover-up. You know, whatever makes you feel comfortable.

Even the most confident among us likely have areas we like better than others, and while overall fitness is always the main goal, we aren’t going to pretend that there aren’t times when we’d like to tone just that one spot—you know, get our shoulders totally tank-top ready or make sure our booties are in short-shorts shape.

So, we’ve put together a body parts summer playlist to help you hit all those spots you want to tone up. Musical motivation is always helpful, right?

Shape-Up Body Parts Summer Playlist

1. (3:32) This Ain’t a Scene (It’s an Arms Race), Fall Out Boy. Get the burn going in your arms to this song. Mix it up with reps of biceps curls, triceps extensions, flies, shoulder presses…you get the idea.

2. (5:27 for the album version, 3:44 for the radio edit) My Humps, Black Eyed Peas. You’ve got the lovely lady lumps, so let’s work ’em in this song! Get in some squats and lunges to shape up the humps, and hit the pec deck to work those lumps. (Did we get that right?)

3. (4:04) Die in Your Arms, Justin Bieber. Is it hot in here, or are we just getting Bieber fever? His recent single is catchy and gives you four whole minutes to work your upper limbs. What’s not to love?

4. (4:12) Booty Wurk, T-Pain featuring Joey Galaxy. There’s no question what we’re working on this song, right? Of course, you do get bonus point for popping the proper side when you hear, “Left cheek, right cheek, left cheek, right cheek.” We recommend practicing that move at home. Alone.

5. (4:39) Cold Shoulder, Adele. While we love Adele, her songs aren’t always in our workout music rotation, but “Cold Shoulder” has a good beat and, of course, fits the theme. How about throwing in a few pull-ups and maybe a plank?

6. (4:36) Legs, ZZ Top. We know you’ve got legs (and know how to use them), so we say kick it up a notch to this song with some single leg step-ups onto a bench or box. You’ll feel like you’ve earned those short-shorts by the time this song ends, we promise.

7. (4:02) Big Ole Butt, LL Cool J. Hey, if a big ol’ butt is good enough for the sexiest rapper-turned-actor, like, ever, well, who are we to argue? Build that booty up (and channel a little LL Cool J) with some kickbox-style side and back kicks during this song. It won’t make it big, we swear. Just shapely.

8. (3:31) Dirt off Your Shoulder, Jay Z. Yes, more shoulders. We know, but believe us, strong shoulders are sexy shoulders. Work ’em hard by alternating medicine ball throws with arm circles during this track. Remember, exercises like planks and push-ups also work the shoulder muscles.

9. (3:39) Hips Don’t Lie, Shakira featuring Wyclef Jean. You know what? You’ve done enough weight work. Let the music take over and shake those hips (and whatever else you feel like shimmying). It certainly worked for Shakira, so we say, dance away!

10. (3:19) Hands, The Ting Tings. Take a few minutes to stretch out with this ditty. Let your hands lead your body as you stretch forward and to the side; make sure to stretch those upper arms and shoulders, and definitely give your thighs and booty a solid stretch. Strong and toned is awesome, but not if you can’t walk the next day!

How’s that for a fun summer playlist? What body part-toning appropriate songs would you add? Let’s hear ’em! —Kristen

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