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And I Finally Join a Gym

What sold me on the gym? The pool. Credit: blt ☮

So I haven’t belonged to a gym in over two years. Since moving to New Jersey and being in my best shape ever, I’ll be the first to admit that joining a gym was not a priority. It’s been house projects, work, babies times two and throwing in some fitness here and there. Like Jessie Spano, whenever I considered a membership I’d think, “No time; there’s never any time!” Plus with my husband’s work schedule and the kids, coordinating child care was just too difficult to justify a membership.

But it’s summer. And I really enjoy a pool during the summer. Growing up, my brothers and I lived at the pool. My grandma’s condo had a swimming pool (with a diving board) that only we seemed to frequent. (Maybe that’s because crazy kids like us frequented it.) But she’d pick us up and we’d go swim what seemed like every day of the summer. So even as an adult, summer isn’t summer without chlorine and sunshine. Plus, my daughter loves the water.

So when our neighbors told us about their gym, complete with outdoor pool, the hubs and I went on a tour to check it out. We’d looked into pool memberships last year and were shocked at how crazy-expensive they were. And how exclusive. As it turns out, this gym is amazing. It has three pools, group exercise, including Zumba, an insane amount of machines and equipment, a climbing wall, basketball courts and seriously any amenity you could want. The kicker? They have child care included. We have no family in the area, and therefore no grandparental babysitters, so this is one of the few ways we can actually take a little time to ourselves.

It’s more than I’d like to pay for a gym membership, for sure. But the pool, the sweet facilities—it’s renewed my resolve and fitness inspiration. I’ve got my new member fitness assessment coming up, so I’m curious to see what that looks like. I know my husband was a little surprised by his—but that’s a post for next time!

Do you belong to a gym? Does it give you a kick in the pants, too? And do you live by the pool in the summer? —Erin

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