Sitting Down With Bob Harper to Discuss CrossFit, Finding Motivation and More!

bob harper and jenn
Bob and I, just chatting it up. (And I love how it looks like we’re gazing into each other’s eyes!)

The fun Bob Harper Week party keeps going! Because today we have an eight-minute video of just him and us, discussing all the things: his new book, his online training club (even more on that tomorrow), our workout together, CrossFit and how to get and stay motivated! Of course, I add captions in the video for fun. (There’s only about a million things to say about Bob, after all.)

We also discuss the fun little shirts you see us wearing, which have the awesomely to-the-point message: “Bob Says: Eat Your F*&%ing Vegetables.” (You can pick yours up for $19.95 in his online store. I seriously wear mine all the time.) Oh, and Bob’s dog Karl even makes a super-cute cameo at the end!

Poor Karl. He sneaks up next to me there at the end—without me realizing exactly where he’s sitting—and then I turn around and almost kick the poor guy. Forgive me, Karl! And Bob! I, OBVIOUSLY, have nothing but love for ya!

If you were able to sit down with Bob and ask him anything, what questions would you pose? And would you freak out if he touched your arm, too? Gaze into his eyes deeply? Do tell! —Jenn


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  1. I want to know if Bob Harper follows the Paleo diet? Did you happen to talk about this in your time with him?

  2. Tricia — We didn’t discuss him following it exactly, but from the gist of things, it seems like he’s mostly paleo. He still eats his oatmeal in the morning though. 🙂 But he’s a meat eater now and loves his protein!

    –FBG Jenn

  3. I’d want to know if Bob knew this was his life’s goal all along. Did he ever think he’d want to be anything else, like a doctor, Navy Seal, fireman or hedge fund manager?