Ellie Krieger Dishes on Healthy Snack Ideas and How to Learn to Love Cooking

A couple of weeks ago, we mentioned that we had an interview with Ellie Krieger. Well, today we’re sharing it with you in super-cool video format! Woot woot! Ellie is one of our all-time favorite healthy chefs. She’s smart, down to earth, realistic (in that she knows we all don’t have the time or energy to cook super-fancy foods) and girlfriend likes to have a glass of wine! Oh, we so love her.

Watch the video below to hear how it’s sometimes okay to trick your friends and family into eating healthy foods (hehe!), tips to learn to love cooking (clue: wine is involved) and snack ideas involving grapes (remember, she’s working with the California Table Grape Commission), that’ll blow your mind they’re so cute and fun.

Great info, right? She’s the best. And we’d love to have a glass or three of wine with her.

Oh, and if you want to get your grape snack on like Ellie, be sure to check out www.facebook.com/grapesfromcalifornia—they currently have a contest underway in which you could win $5,000 just by sharing your ideas on how to “makeover your Snacks with Grapes from California.” No photo necessary—just your healthy grape snack idea! Yum! —Jenn


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