How Tish Stays Healthy on Vacation

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I rocked my FBG hoodie on our last family vacation. Maybe it rubbed off…

We’re going on vacay for this edition of Question of the Week! Okay, so we’re not technically “going” anywhere, but we are discussing how we stay healthy—or purposely and delightfully choose not to—when on vacation!

When it comes to past vacations, I never associated healthy and fun in the same sentence, but the more FBG mentality seeps into my brain, the more healthy choices enter the picture. I like to think of them as vacations from worry, pain, suffering, fatigue and all that other bad ish.

Since  incorporating active, healthy choices into my everyday routine, I’ve come to realize vacation doesn’t necessarily mean all bad food and lying around like a sloth. If I were to ignore all good teaching, I’d regret it. My stomach is wayyy too sensitive to mess with. I already can’t poop on vacations! Filling it with bad foods and sedentary behavior would be a dangerous cocktail.

That being said, I’ve never been the type to plan sweat-tastic sabbaticals. (I don’t have to stay in hotels with gyms or scout locations that have healthy food flava.) I have come to realize, though, that I have to make sure I work in things that keep me feeling good and energetic so that I can enjoy my trip to the fullest. Vacations are THE time I allow myself to go buck-buck on desserts (when in Rome…), but I also find myself seeking out local produce. The more veggies, the better the tummy. The better the tummy, the happier I am.

This reasoning served me well on recent trips I’ve taken. When I accompanied my two buds to Coachella, I made sure to try cool stuff like watermelon jicama salad. Never had that before, so I had to try it. I also tried some local, organic java ice coffee blends that blew my mother-trucking mind. I wasn’t really feeling greasy hot pizza in the dessert, either, which helped me remain good. Grease, fatty foods and sugary drinks aren’t good for a gal who would have to stay in the overcrowded portable potties, forcing something magically scary to happen. I’m still proud of myself for that judgement call!

I get my Starbucks and coffee fix when with my fam-bam. Some hail from Seattle, which means they spoil me with caffeine goodness.

In a couple weeks, my boyfriend and I will be heading up to Oregon for a family reunion. My grandparents live there, so we’ll be staying in a condo near them. Fortunately, they live in this super active community where biking, walking, hiking and running are encouraged. (Plus it’s a dry climate…perfect for morning runs!) The last time we visited, we ate and gorged on my uncle’s BBQ fixins without reservation. Lots of veggies and great meat, but sadly I didn’t listen to my gut screaming for me to stop when I was truly full. To ward off the comas, we were forced to hit the pavement and keep it moving.

This time around, the whole family has decided to do some rock climbing, white-water rafting and possibly running/walking with family. This is not my doing, promise! I just have an awesome sauce fam-bam and domestic partner. I know my Uncle Ed will probably throw down on the BBQ pit again, but I’m making a conscientious effort to behave and practice that intuitive eating that I know will leave me feeling better equipped for the activities we plan to rock out.

What about you? Does your gut’s inner angel keep you in check, or does your inner Roman rein supreme when the vacay begins?— Tish

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  1. We do a lot of traveling in the car, so our biggest pitfall is the what to eat on the road. We usually pack a few things of string cheese and fruit, but we struggle with meals. We avoid McDonald’s even though there is one at every rest stop. We stopped doing Subway. We usually go to Chipotle because they have the freshest, locally grown/organic veggies. It may not be the best for the waistline, but I’m putting good stuff in my body. I also bring my Calorie King book with me (I’m sure there’s an app for that, but I’m not cool) to help when we’re forced to eat out at different restaurants.
    We are going on a mini-family vacay next week. My husband asked if we could bring our juicer with us! We plan to scout out farmer’s markets while we’re there. If you see an SUV with a baby in the back and a juicer strapped in the seat next to him, that’s us!

  2. Oh Tish, you crack me up. I too cannot poop on vacation, to the point where I call my condition “needing home bowl advantage.” Once I get home, look out! Probably TMI, but hey you started it!

    I’ve had to make this evolution as well, that vacation doesn’t mean reckless abandon. I’m actually travelling for work next week, and I’ve scouted out the local branch of my gym so I can keep up my workout. The room will have a microwave and a fridge, so I’m going to be bringing some food with me (I’m driving, since it’s just an hour and a half away). The day after I get back from that, we are headed to San Francisco for a long weekend. I’ll bring my running shoes and use them as an excuse to get out early and see the city in a slightly different way. My husband and I always walk whenever we can, and with the hills of SF it won’t be easy! He’s a great travelling partner, in that he has very moderate eating habits, so it’s easy to not go nuts when he’s around.

  3. Good idea to fill up on tasty fruits and veggies. Also, try this: If you know you’re going to hit the same food place more than once, make a mental note of what’s good for you on the menu, and even if you don’t have the self-control to eat it the first time there, resolve that you’ll eat that particular good thing next time.

  4. Once I started eating healthy and completely changed my diet, I found that if I went back to eating the crap that I did before (yes, usually on vacation), I did NOT feel good. There is definitely something to be said for staying consistent with your diet.

  5. I managed to gain 5-15 pounds after every vacation :). But I’d rather not to put myself for exercise on vacations.

  6. For me, it’s always very tempting to try local cuisine when travelling abroad. So overeating during vacations is something I am guilty of 🙂 I try to compensate for this by making my vacations more active (hiking, cycling, water sports, etc).