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It’s About Progress. Not Perfection.

What good is any healthy eating or exercise program if we can’t stick with it? Adam Gilbert, is the founder of MyBodyTutor, a company he created in 2007 to help people finally stick to their diet and exercise plans. Since then, MyBodyTutor has helped hundreds of people throughout the U.S. and world get the body they want. So, he’s kind of an expert when it comes to getting results. Read on for his thoughts on one of the biggest mistakes people trying to lose weight make: aiming for perfection.


Unsuccessful Dieters Are Infamous for This…

We think if we can’t be “perfect” why bother? So we let one indulgence turn into a whole week of indulgences. Let’s talk about the reason why those of us trying to lose weight are notorious perfectionists. After all, if we understand WHY we are perfectionists, it’ll be much easier to stop the behavior.

The obvious answer? We don’t like to fail. So by creating unreasonable expectations, it gives us an easy way out (aka a perfect rationalization) to stop taking action and quit the program before we can “fail.” But here’s why most dieters really do this: because change is uncomfortable. That’s also why most people never actually change.

By creating unreasonable expectations, we then have an easy way to remove that INEVITABLE discomfort we’re going to face. (This is why I’m such a big believer in accountability, support and having a system to monitor and track our progress. Because it makes the discomfort a lot more tolerable—or, dare I say, comfortable.)

I have to admit it—my name is Adam Gilbert, and I am a recovering perfectionist. And being a perfectionist is not a good thing. I still have tendencies, but I’m getting better…I’m progressing. Having the attitude of, “I ate really well all day but for dinner I just had something that’s not My Body Tutor-approved, so now I’ll eat unhealthy for the rest of the night,” isn’t good. If we play the all-or-nothing game, we always end up with nothing. Every single time. It’s why I don’t like making absolute statements, such as, “I’ll never do X, Y, Z again!” Instead, focus on doing X, Y, Z LESS.

There is no such thing as perfection, there is only progress! And that’s what life is about. Moving forward, growing and evolving. In fact, being a perfectionist is a childlike way of living. We are not children. We are adults in control. We are more powerful than we think. (I know—I sound like a corny motivational speaker, but it’s the truth!) Being a perfectionist and having the “If I can’t be perfect, why bother” attitude suggests that the only position worth having in life is being the winner. No one likes playing games with a sore loser.

So, if we can’t be the winner, we shouldn’t bother playing the game? That is a childlike way of thinking. It means that any small improvements in our weight, shape, mobility and breathing are unimportant. It means that any changes in the way we think, react and act around food don’t count. It means that any changes in the way we think about exercise don’t matter.

No one created the company of their dreams overnight. And no one created the body of their dreams overnight. Day by day. Meal by meal. Workout by workout. Improvement by improvement. Choice by choice.

Progress. NOT perfection. I repeat… Progress. NOT PERFECTION! —Adam Gilbert

A big thanks to Adam for the food-for-thought. Here on FBG, we think perfection (and comparison) is for the birds! So tell us, are you a perfectionist when it comes to your healthy lifestyle? What can you do today to break free? —Jenn

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  1. Vicki says:

    Thank you for this posting.

  2. Rachel says:

    Ironically enough… I just started a blog tonight to tackle my perfectionism! Timely! 🙂

  3. Lauren says:

    I really love this post by Adam. It’s so powerful. I’m very glad to see his work featured on FBG! I was first introduced to MyBodyTutor when a friend of mine sent me a link to it a few years ago. MBT is an amazing service founded by an amazing man. I’ve emailed with Adam a bunch of times throughout the last few years and he’s not only incredibly responsive but brilliant.

    I was immediately drawn to Adam’s concept and the simplicity of it. It’s not so much that we don’t know what to do — it’s just that we don’t do it. And his service is incredible at helping people to stay consistent.

    I’m really excited to see his writing featured on this blog! He deserves all the success and publicity in the world. He works extremely hard and his program is the real deal.

    I only say this because my best friend is a trainer and I immediately told her about MyBodyTutor when I first learned about it.

    My friend has sent over a dozen clients his way and each and every one of them reached goals they’ve never been able to with his service.

  4. Shauna D says:

    I’m not sure how I came across this wonderful article but I must say I feel like the MBT service was created for me!

    Anyone who isn’t in great shape isn’t because they’re either not staying consistent with their diet and/or exercise or both.

    It’s so easy to make excuses! They are always there! Believe me, I know! Lol! And they always make sense – that’s what rationalizations do for us.

    I wanted to thank you for writing this thoughtful and insightful post and bringing this co. to our attention.

    If you want to succeed with anything in life, it’s important to be able to see through your own rationalizations but 99% of people can’t do that.

    It’s why the most successful people in this world all have coaches too and MBT makes it very doable for the regular guy to have one as well.

    So I just wanted to say thank you for letting us know about MyBodyTutor. Adam got in touch with me immediately (he really is as quick as he says he is) and he is so passionate about what he does, his philosophy and his system. It’s very inspiring.

    I and my husband joined yesterday and we’re both loving it so far. Thanks again for bringing to light such a great service!

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