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The Fruit Guys Can Come to My House Any Day

the fruit guys

The Fruit Guys are like a farmer's market on your doorstep!

Sometimes it’s a little uncanny and a lot strange how the universe provides for your exact needs precisely when you need it. This isn’t the first time I’ve had something I genuinely needed land on my doorstep for a review, but this is the time when I needed it most!

Let me set the stage: Toddler, newborn, exhaustion, out of fruits and veggies. I was trying unsuccessfully to muster up the energy needed to get all three of us out of the house and to the grocery store because the cupboards were bare. I still had a few necessities, but it was one of those times when grocery day was two days ago, and I was totally out of fresh fruit. As in the last banana was eaten at breakfast.

Then, like healthy superheros to those in need, The Fruit Guys rang the bell. Well, a delivery man did on their behalf anyway. And holy Toledo, this box of goodies bought me a couple of extra days to get to the store.

If you don’t have easy access to a farmer’s market or you hate to grocery shop (or it’s hard for you because you have kids!), this is such a cool option to get your produce fix. The Fruit Guys provide farm-fresh organic fruit and veggies to companies and homes nationwide, and its new TakeHome case is available in fruit and veggie, fruit only and veggie only. All three options are available for $26, which might seem a bit pricey, but for all organic foods and the giant box you get, I actually don’t think it’s too bad.

The variety is really fun, and you’ll get items you’ve maybe never bought at the grocery store. My box included a blood orange, three different apple varieties, a kiwi, a navel orange, a pear, horseradish, beets, chives, potatoes, red chard and a couple of white onions. The blood orange made my eyes cross it was so good. The foods were all super fresh, and I swear all the more delicious because they came straight to me.

If you think “What on earth will I do with horseradish or red chard?” have no fear! The Fruit Guys keep up their superhero smarts and provide an information sheet about the box, preparation and storage tips and recipes for items in the box. So awesome.

Do you have access to a farmer’s market? And how much would you be willing to pay for produce to land on your doorstep? —Erin 


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